Cormega – The Realness 2 Review and Music Videos

Cormega has always been a lyricist in hip hop, not just a rapper. When he was fresh off the block he was a poet reporting on what he knew. But, now that he is out of the streets and has matured as a man, he has music to reflect this. I have to say the Realness 2 in today’s age of music… was a complete breathe of fresh air.

Some of the new music that comes out today is hard for me to even stomach. I just cannot relate and my soul cannot get into some of the new age hip hop or hip pop. I think some of it is an entirely new genre. Not to take away from the Realness 2, this album is another classic.

It may take Cormega a while to release music but it seems like he takes his time and it is about how much music you can release, it is about how much classic material you can put out there. His brand is definitely wholesome because he doesn’t just keep pushing out half assed work. My final take on the album is that it shows Cormega’s growth as a person and as an artist. He doesn’t focus on the negativity of life but does try to stress the importance of living your life and making good decisions.

There have been many artists that have tried so hard to stay conscious and maintain a living off of music but the record industry doesn’t make that easy. Cormega was one of the pioneers of being an independent artist and being successful at it. I always look forward to new music from Cormega and recommend this new masterpiece highly. Here are the videos for Essential and Paradise feat. Havoc.

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