Ghostface Killah New Album Exclusive on Stem

Ghostface Killah has been putting out classic material for years and has no stop in him. I always respected him for that because I am a fan of the music and still enjoy hearing any Wu member come out with new work. Most recently, Ghostface also had an exclusive Christmas album that was sold directly from his website.

This new album, similarly to how Kanye West did it, will be exclusive to stem. But, as a collector, I sure hope they release physical copies of CD’s, Vinyl’s and Cassettes. Nothing like a physical copy to add to a collection and if you sell a physical copy with a digital copy, even better. Check out the post from Stem below:

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The stemplayer idea is definitely kind of unique but I do hope that they make the music available like Kanye West did with Donda which also became available on itunes and other streaming platforms. It also had CD’s and vinyls as well. Check out Ghostface’s page on stemplayer: LINK

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