Killah Priest – One of the Most Prolific Rap Artists

If you have been a hip hop head for years, most likely you must know Killah Priest. He was potentially going to be the 9th member of Wu Tang Clan, was a member of Sunz of Man for the first album, The Horsemen and has a lengthy ongoing solo career. He makes incredible music and he has a really good ear for music, lyric and production wise.

One of the things I really enjoy about Killah Priest is that he has so much potential for different sounds of music. Some of his latest efforts are definitely a departure from his original sound but also very unique. Some of his albums like Rocket to Nebula and Forest of the Happy Ever After are more abstract sounding albums. But, they are still excellent to listen to and he still keeps the boom bap sound on some of the albums as well.

He has the ability to switch up his style and prove that he has what it takes to have longevity in hip hop. You cannot say the same about a lot of artists. If you have not had the chance to listen to Killah Priest yet, make sure to pick up some of his music on iTunes or wherever. You will not be disappointed and he is one of the most hard working Emcees there are because he is constantly putting out quality music.

Lastly, for all the collectors out there, Killah Priest is one of the artists that appreciates the art to the fullest and provides physical copy options for most of his music. You can find Physical CD’s, Cassettes and Vinyls for a lot of his releases and the link is down below. If you are a major physical fan, that is a smart move for the artist. Not only do the nutty fans buy the physical copies but most likely they also purchase a CD, Cassette, Vinyl or all three. That’s four sales with one consumer!

Check out his music on iTunes HERE or Physical Copies HERE

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