Physical Copies of Albums are Coming Back!

Back in the day, even as of fairly recent, physical copies were always available for music. I know personally, I used to love to go to the store and pick up a physical copy of a CD when a new anticipated album dropped. Today, it is much more convenient to purchase or stream digital music. That is a great way to access your favorite music but a lot of people still very much enjoy the physical copies. CD’s, Cassette Tapes and Vinyls have made a big return because many people loved the experience of opening and enjoying the physical music.

I understand the younger generation may not appreciate the physical copies and feel it is outdated, but, there are certainly many people today who love the physicals. Also, more and more artists who are smart, are releasing their music on CD, Cassette and Vinyl. The reason I say they are smart is because I know some people who are big fans will automatically purchase or stream the music but will also purchase physical copies… especially the collectors.

Collectors are a whole other breed of music consumers because they will pay good money to get a cassette, a CD and a Vinyl. Maybe not as much in today’s economy but if someone is a big enough fan, they will make those purchases. The reason it is smart for these artists to make these physical copies available is because in some instances, they will have a single fan make several purchases of the same album. I know a few artists recently who make sure to have physical releases are Cormega (who is a pioneer in many respects), Killah Priest and Big Noyd who recently had a release of his debut solo album Episodes of a Hustler.

If some of these artists are extremely intelligent, they will even release multiple versions of an album cover for the physical copies and maybe even a deluxe version with some bonus tracks or something extra. I think physical copies will make a comeback because people enjoy having something tangible to open up and enjoy, as well as collect. If you are an independent artist and have a fairly loyal fanbase, I would highly recommend releasing physical copies or even Re-Releasing some of the older albums that are harder to come by. People will buy them without a doubt.

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