Blaq Poet Surprise E.S.T. EP

Well, well, Blaq Poet does it again with a new EP titled E.S.T. which stands for Experience, Stories & Truths. Poet isn’t your average MC, he is an absolute Beast on the microphone. He also has a pretty good ear for beats as well because on this effort I am pretty pleased with the production. You also never have to worry about whether or not Poet will keep it original. He isn’t one to try and hop on the popularity train on whatever sound is popular this week. If you are a hip hop fan at all, you should check this piece of artwork out from Poet. Don’t just take my word for it, let your ears do the talking. This is a very nice little sampler before the main course because Poet is working on a full length album as we speak and I am sure it is nothing short of superb. Don’t change the recipe Poet because you are using the right ingredients for a tasty little treat, ha! Check it out on iTunes right here and get with the program you silly little rascals. Blaq Poet E.S.T. EP Check out one of the tracks here on Could it Be:

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