Illa Ghee

If there is a rapper that I would say is very underrated, there are a handful actually.  Illa Ghee would certainly be one of the names that come to mind.  This guys wordplay and delivery are really poetic and he understands how to ride a beat very well.  I am not taking anything away from Illa Ghee’s success because he has made quite a name for himself in hip hop. If you haven’t heard Illa Ghee yet then go check out his catalog, he has a lot of music out there at your fingertips between full length albums and mixtapes.  One of my favorite albums from him is Bullet and a Bracelet because I love pretty much every track on there.  I also really enjoyed Angeldust & Waffles that he did alongside beat maker Dom Dirtee.  The beats on there were pretty dam good and they matched Illa’s style well. Check out a few of his classics and start buying his shit online to help him make even more of a name for himself.  This Brooklyn representative is ‘Takin Over’.

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