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I recently caught up with Jezze, the next artist to blow up out of Bronx, NY.  She is a very talented artist who has a good head on her shoulders and a great ear for music.  Jezze is very humble and a pleasure to speak with.  She had nothing but positive vibes throughout the whole interview and had the humility to wish her fellow MC Cardi B well on her new release.  Check out the interview and stay tuned because you will be hearing her all over the radio soon enough. MusicalFury – Hi Jezze, thank you for doing this interview today. How are you doing? Jezze – I am good and thank you for having me. MusicalFury – Lets start out by letting the people know where Jezze is from. Jezze – I am from the Bronx NY, the birth place of hip hop. MusicalFury – I heard a few of your tracks and I am very impressed. How long have you been making music for? Jezze – My dad is a DJ which is how I got into music. I have always been interested in making music and writing. I have been really taking it serious for about 2 years. MusicalFury – What first inspired you to start creating music? Jezze – My father was definitely inspiration. He would DJ alongside many hip-hop pioneers such as DJ Kool Herc and Grandmaster Caz. I really loved R&B growing up too, artists such as Brandy and Mya. As far as female rappers I really loved Lil Kim, Foxy Brown and Eve growing up. MusicalFury – Who are some of your favorite musicians, not just hip hop but any genre? Maybe someone who has really made you want to pick up the pen and start writing. Jezze – There are so many but Drake is probably one of my favorites. I love Jhene Aiko, Erykah Badu, Jadakiss too. I am starting to get hip to some of the new generation of rappers like A Boogie, Rae Sremmurd and Lil Uzi. MusicalFury – Is becoming a successful musician your main focus for your career or are you doing music more for your passion and you plan to pursue other endeavors? Jezze – I think starting off it is more about a passion but at the end of the day I want to make this my full-blown career. I am trying to do everything independently right now and being successful is really important to me. MusicalFury – Hip hop has been evolving and is much less dominant in one region of the country like it has been in the past. Do you feel that it is easier to break into the business now that we have social media and YouTube which can help generate more exposure and sometimes catapult an unknown artist’s careers to new heights? Jezze – I think it is easier and harder today. Social media makes it easier to reach people in all parts of the world and get your music out there but, it is harder in a sense because now everyone wants to do it. It is hard in that nature because there is so much competition right now and some aren’t doing it for passion. MusicalFury – Hip hop originated in the Bronx and is still a very powerful force in hip hop today with the likes of Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Mysonne and Cardi B, just to name a few. Are you looking to possibly collaborate with any of your fellow Bronx natives on music? Jezze – I would love to, I am always open to collabs and people who are focused on their careers. I am very excited to hear Cardi B’s new album as well. MusicalFury – You have a couple really great tracks that include music videos for, are you working on an official album release? Jezze – I am working on an EP right now currently. I did release, “The Bag,” available on Spotify and other digital media outlets. I also did a single called, “Never” which has a black panther theme. I am currently working on the EP and hopefully that will be done for the summer time. MusicalFury – Music is a very powerful vehicle for expression whether it is through creativity, passion or just wanting to get people to dance. Do you feel that the music today is lacking anything? Jezze – That is a little difficult to answer because it depends on what you listen to. If you listen to the radio only, it is very specific, but I like to listen to the underground too. There is no way that you cannot find what you are looking for in music. MusicalFury – What does Jezze offer to hip hop that has been missing or has never been seen yet? I am not trying to get you to sound cocky, but rather, as an artist and person who enjoys music. Jezze – Well for one thing, there has been so many female rappers and I feel like they do not get enough recognition. Female rappers have worked so hard and haven’t gotten their just due yet, so anything that I bring, I am building on the foundation that they have laid. Some think females are all about competition but I am all about the females working together and having unity. MusicalFury – My last question due to my own curiosity and to end on a positive note is, what are your views on religion or spirituality? Jezze – Well I am not a religious person per se. I feel like religion divides but I am very much a spiritual being. I feel it is all about balance and being as one with the universe as you can be. I practice crystal healing and try to focus; being an artist you go through so many ups and downs, so I do affirmations and meditation to help me along the way. Go pick up her new single on iTunes: The Bag
Go check out her website here:  ITSJEZZE

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