Blaq Poet – Simon Phoenix

Blaq Poet is one of the artists that I still look for every time I hear he has a new album coming. I have to admit, there are some artists who I felt like this back in the day and now, not so much. But, Blaq Poet is consistent and when he releases something you can pretty much be certain it will be a solid project with some serious heat.

Everyone back in the 90’s loved the movie Demolition Man starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes. It is a great movie to watch even to this day and I love that the title of the new album is Simon Phoenix. Simon Phoenix was a maniacal criminal who would do pretty much whatever he wanted and Sylvester Stallone’s character was the same type of character but as a cop, that had to track him down in the future.

The title is fitting because Poet is out to prove himself to the other artists that he is not one to play with. He ages like fine wine and his lyrics do to. This is an album I have listened to all the way through and it is definitely something that I would recommend purchasing. The nice thing about it is that you can purchase the album digitally on BandCamp or you can purchase a physical copy that has a collector’s item style metal CD case. I would go for the physical copy because it is unique.

Purchase album HERE

Check out the music video for Declare War and F.O.H.

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