Azealia Banks – Soda

Azealia Banks has been putting out music for a minute and half and still has quite a bit of buzz. She may have been a little bit nutty in the past but who doesn’t like a little bit of drama? It seems like she is a good person though and she puts out really good music. Her music doesn’t sound like anyone else which is a plus in my book. It shows that she is creative and isn’t just trying to make a few dollars by sounding like the next person. This new video that she has called Soda is a good example of how unique her sound it. A lot of females really killing it right now like her, Nikki Minaj, Remy Ma, Cardi B and Jezze. My hat goes off to these very talented women. Azealia Banks – SODA BONUS – Anna Wintour BONUS – The Big Big Beat

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