Cormega definitely has to be on the list of top rappers who have been disgustingly underrated. He is not a rapper he is a poet and a wordsmith who sometimes gets labeled as a rapper.  Music is a huge inspiration in a lot of people’s lives, especially mine and when you find some that captivates you, you want more.  Cormega has always been one of those artists where you just thirsted for his music because it may not come too often but the quality is very high. The catalog of music that this guy has is incredible and the first two official releases are two of my all time favorite albums which are The Realness and The True Meaning.  Both of these albums are incredible and that is not taking away anything from his other work.  His other official releases along with collaborative efforts are all of the same high quality.  Lets face it, this guy creates masterpieces and is in the category of the likes of Nas, Rakim, Prodigy, etc… Check out this track which is the Saga (Remix).  This track is so eloquently put together with the very heartfelt production and lyrics that make you want to shed a tear. Cormega – The True Meaning Cormega – Built for This Cormega – Get Out My Way Cormega – They Forced My Hand feat. Tragedy Khadafi

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