Who Is The Hardest Solo MC?

It is difficult to narrow down a list of only a few really hard spitters in hip hop but here is a list of some of the best.  Which one of the following artists do you think spits the hardest rhymes of all time?  This is going to be a tough one because all of these guys have spit some adrenaline filled rhymes over the years.  The choices are between Blaq Poet, Bumpy Knuckles, DMX and Uncle Murda. You also have two honorable mentions as well from ouside of NY which is Beanie Sigel (Philly) and Swifty McVay (Detroit).  If you were to choose one, who would it be? Blaq Poet (Queensbridge, NY)
Bumpy Knuckles (Long Island, NY)
DMX (Yonkers, NY)
Uncle Murda (Brooklyn, NY)
Beanie Sigel (Philladelphia, PA)
Swifty McVay (Detroit, MI)

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