Keith Murray the Musical Genius of Marketing

Lately Keith Murray has been making some noise with some very entertaining interviews over a few different outlets. Keith Murray has always been a free spirit but I heard through the grape vine that he was creating a buzz. What is he creating a buzz for? Maybe a triumphant return to hip hop.

Keith has had some albums that were released on iTunes and other streaming platforms. But, I don’t think they were official albums, just a little something to get out there to the fans. I know Keith has a great deal of potential to still be a household name but he definitely has potential to create great music.

Recently someone posted a video of Keith outside somewhere looking like he was high on something. I honestly don’t know what his situation is but in this latest interview he seems like he takes great care of himself. I just think he is a great marketer and knows how to grab people’s attention who like drama and gossip. What are your thoughts? I certainly would love to see Keith back on a label releasing new music.

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