Interview with Bobbi Nu Formerly Known as Jezze

Bobbi Nu is an artist and entrepreneur who originated from Bronx, NY and is now working out of Atlanta Georgia. Bobbi Nu has made a name change from her older known moniker of Jezze. She first caught my attention with some of the freestyles she was putting out several years ago, I really liked her style. She has some very witty rhymes and is a true artist in every sense of the word. She was also very influenced by her father who has a background in DJ’ing so from an early age she was intrigued by music.

I was able to catch up with Bobbi Nu recently to hear about what she has been working on and new prospective business ventures and music that may be available in the near future. I like to keep the interviews in text so that your average office job type person can read in between breaks without having to watch a video.

MusicalFury: Hi, it’s been a while since we last connected. What have you been up to since?

Bobby Nu: I did have a hiatus since the last time we spoke. I became a mother and I have been doing some other things. I created a hip hop trivia game called hip hop headz. That can be found on my Instagram in my bio or on etsy. It’s a 100 questions on hip hop history, film and tv, etc. I also created a clothing brand for adults and kids called We Built This. It also showcases how we contributed to the building of this country. I am also working on a line of crystal jewelry and have become very aligned with spirituality. As far as the music, I am just now getting back into it. I have been re-releasing some of the older stuff and mixing in some new freestyles. I also have some new music coming in the spring.

MusicalFury: I have heard and seen a few of your new songs and I am very impressed. What was the reason for your name change?

Bobby Nu: I went through a few name changes. I do go by Bobbi Nubian. There was another artist named Jezze that was overshadowing some of the things I did. I feel like a newer version of me now, hence the new name. I don’t feel like I have grown and evolved over the years and don’t rap about the same stuff really.

MusicalFury: Are you currently working on any full length projects that you plan to release soon?

Bobby Nu: I am still going back and forth about that. Some feel I should do a full project but people changed and the industry changed so much. I am thinking of dropping more singles. One of the big singles is called Whine. I wasn’t really able to give it the promotion and video I wanted to but this year I will get to that. I also have a lot of new stuff I am working on now. My dad is a DJ and I really appreciate hip hop a lot and he sort of instilled that into me. I used to dig into his vinyls and I appreciate hip hop history.

MusicalFury: I believe the last time we spoke you were still in NY, how long has it been for you in Goergia? How do you like it?

Bobby Nu: I have been in Georgia for two years now but I still go back and forth a lot. A lot of my family is still in NY. It has its pros and cons. I really dive more into the music scene out here. When I finished high school I wanted to go to college out here. Atlanta was like the place to be for music and hip hop. Years later I finally made my way out here. I feel like sometimes in NY they don’t want to pass the baton on to the next person.

MusicalFury: I have also seen some pictures of you behind the DJ Booth, do you also DJ as well as create music?

Bobby Nu: DJ’ ing is like a hobby for me. My father was a DJ and I always grew up around it and enjoyed it very much. I dabble here and there with singing as well, Brandy was a huge inspiration to me and I love R&B. Growing up I was always in my dad’s vinyls and I think that was his dream for me to follow in his footsteps with the DJing. I do think it is something I will lean into when more years go by.

MusicalFury: What is your goal with music, are you looking to get signed to a major or would you be content releasing music on an independent label?

Bobby Nu: I wouldn’t say my goal is to get signed to a label but if that is meant to happen then it will. My goal is to be an independent artist. Russ is one of my biggest influences. Ryan Leslie is another influence to me and he broke down the notion that if you have a 1,000 true fans, you can be able to support yourself as an independent artist. Lately I have had the time to reflect on what I want to rap about and how I want to represent my music.

MusicalFury: Sometimes artists start out on major labels and then switch over to independent after they have a healthy following. Do you like one over the other? It seems being independent you have more artistic freedom but have to grind a bit harder and possibly use some of your own money to fund projects.

Bobby Nu: I think it’s a great approach to start on a major and then going independent. I think a lot of artists get caught up in bad contracts.

MusicalFury: I forget since last time we spoke, are you religious? I always love to get people’s take on a higher power and what inspires them and keeps them happy.

Bobby Nu: I am more of a spiritual being, I think religion can sometimes divide people. I think it is important to be more unified. That is a journey that I am on but I know that I have to stay committed to that. I have been listening to a lot of positive audio books that keep you in a positive mindset. I think all the negativity gives off a low vibration and I am also working on my diet to stay healthy.

MusicalFury: Lastly, I want to wish you the best of luck and I appreciate your time today.

Bobby Nu: Thank you

Here is where you can find Bobbi Nu aka Bobbi Hustles merchandise: Website

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