Young Dirty Bastard Interview

Young Dirty Bastard Interview

I caught up recently with the son of Ol’ Dirty Bastard who goes by Young Dirty Bastard or YDB. He has a good head on his shoulders and I have a feeling he will be a force to recon with in Hip-Hop like his counterpart Sun God. Be on the lookout for new music from YDB because he is getting better and better with time and has been taught by the members of Wu Tang.

Young Dirty Bastard

MusicalFury – How’s it going, what are you up to this evening?

Young Dirty Bastard – I’m at this place called Vinnie’s restaurant, pizza and pasta time.

MusicalFury – What do you go by these days, YDB or Boy Jones?

Young Dirty Bastard – YDB now definitely, I used to promote Boy Jones.

MusicalFury – You have a lot of similarities to your father, the iconic ODB, are you the oldest sibling?

Young Dirty Bastard – My sister is the oldest, shanikwa she is like 11 months older than me. We have the same mother and father and I am the middle child. There are seven of us but we aren’t 100 percent sure, I want to call them my brother and sisters but I can’t.

MusicalFury – It is very obvious why you got into hip-hop because you had a father who was a part of one of the most legendary hip hop groups, ever WU TANG CLAN. Do you feel like you have really big shoes to fill?

Young Dirty Bastard – yea, it is really big shoes but it is a fun thing. Not a fun thing but rather a really great experience. He was part of one of the best groups on the planet so big shoes, yes. As long as we keep the legacy going that is great but I am not trying to fill any shoes.

MusicalFury – RZA and the Wu Tang invited you to do a song at Summer Jam last year, how was it performing Shimmy Shimmy Ya in front of so many people? Do you feel like a natural when it comes to performing?

Young Dirty Bastard – That was wild because RZA and them didn’t do Summer Jam for like 10 years before that. Nobody was ready for me and I came out of nowhere to do what I do. It felt good, I was there with the 8 members and I was collecting energy from the crowd. It was successful for me and there was a lot of talk. They thought it was him again.

MusicalFury – What is the most memorable time or characteristic about your father that most people wouldn’t know about him?

Young Dirty Bastard – The most memorable time is when I went to Coney Island with him. I went with my two sisters and it was great. We all took a picture there and we took him that picture when he was in jail in upstate NY. Nobody came to visit him either, not that I can recall.

MusicalFury – I have been hearing for a long time about an ODB biopic but recently heard that it was actually getting the green light. Wouldn’t it make most sense for you to play your father?

Young Dirty Bastard – It makes absolutely perfect sense because that is what I am doing right now. It is an everyday thing. We are going to play the role of our fathers and parents. There cannot be any biopic without my mother or my permission. Probably toward next year we will be moving in that direction. This whole year I am going to keep building his name up and then at the right time his movie will come up. I do need some acting classes though I’m not going to lie.

MusicalFury – What music are you working on at the moment? I think I heard at one point that you were signed under RZA’s Wu Tang Records?

Young Dirty Bastard – Right now I am not signed under Wu Tang records but we definitely are doing things together. We actually stopped doing that paperwork stuff like two or three years ago. He didn’t have any time because he is doing movies and all that. I look up to RZA he is my mentor. If I were to walk in someones shoes it would definitely be him.

MusicalFury – Has RZA taken you under his wing and mentored you to be where you are today?

Young Dirty Bastard – Yea, for me to be here, that is definitely because of RZA. He took me in 2007 to go on tour with him. I learned so much from him and all the Wu Tang members; it is an inspiration being around them. They all got their own type of gift and I just embrace it. Maybe like 3 years back I didn’t really know what I was doing but now I understand a little better.

MusicalFury – I assume you may be on the road from time to time but where do you tend to spend most of your time?

Young Dirty Bastard – I spend most of my time in Atlanta, Georgia. It is the new home for hip-hop even though some crazy music comes out of here. It is going to come back though. Speaking of Chris Rivers from our other conversation, he is amazing, definitely something else. Ice T got a daughter out here and I met her last night she doing what she doing.

MusicalFury – I have seen a few of your music videos and they are good but one that really caught my attention was the recent Wu World Order. What inspired you to write that song?

Young Dirty Bastard – The game needs some order. When Wu Tang came out it was like you had to protect your neck because those lyrics were smashing you. But now it is a different time, we need a change right now. We still exist and I am just letting them know that Wu World Order is going to change this propaganda. It is chaos right now. I am getting together with a couple of investors right now so that I can push this music to another level.

MusicalFury – You also did a track and video with Big Pun’s son Chris Rivers and Ghostface Killah’s son, Sun God. What project was that for and when will that be released to the public?

Young Dirty Bastard – Yes, it is called Vigilante, it is a great song. It is incredible. We did it a few months ago and it was for Sun God’s album. We were filming in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

MusicalFury – Every MC wants to be around for a long time but the truth is a lot of them are a dime a dozen and just come and go. What is the recipe for creating longevity in this game like your father has done with Wu Tang?

Young Dirty Bastard – haha, that is a good question. If we knew how to live longer ever day, every day we learn new things. To create longevity in hip hop all you got to do is live longer and read a lot of books because it is all about teaching.

MusicalFury – Last but not least, what are your religious or spiritual beliefs? Do you feel that we do have an afterlife or is this all just a random phenomenon?

Young Dirty Bastard – hmm, spiritual beliefs, I have a feeling that some people on this planet can do things that others cannot do because they have different vibrations. Some people just have certain energy levels that others don’t have and I definitely believe that. You are born with something else that gave them that charisma. I don’t know why I came out like this and am rapping because at a certain age I didn’t want to rap but my mom supports me to do this. It would be pointless to give a human this power for only a hundred years and then that is the end of it. I have to go somewhere there has to be another level.

Behind the Scenes with YDB and Sun God

Rest in Peace to the legendary MC Dirt McGirt aka Ol’ Dirty Bastard!

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