Wordsworth from EMC Interview

Wordsworth from EMC Interview

Wordsworth is currently touring the country and we caught up with him while he was in Chicago. He and his group members just released a new EP for EMC and signed to Penalty Recordings along with a roster including Capone N Noreaga, Joel Ortiz and lil Mo.

MusicalFury – What’s going on?

Wordsworth – Well, right now are actually on tour about to go into soundcheck.

MusicalFury – First off, how did you get the name Wordsworth?

Wordsworth – It is a cartoon character from Heithcliff and felt the character represented me because he was always rhyming and had headphones on. During my high-school years that is most of what I was doing.

MusicalFury – Where are you guys currently on the tour?

Wordsworth – We are in Chicago tonight, we will be northern exposure tour to promote the EMC EP The Turning Point and another album out later this year that is a full length LP.

MusicalFury – I heard your new group album with EMC is coming out soon, when does that get released?

Wordsworth – The EP is out now, it is downloadable and you can check that out at any digital outlet. The EP is available digitally and also a vinyl release of it on hhv.de a website that sells a limited edition of the vinyl of the turning points EP.

MusicalFury – How did you initially form EMC, for people who are not familiar?

Wordsworth – The group formed really from us touring on the road and we were featured on Ace’s album and people were used to seeing us performing. Everyone thought that we were very cohesive as a group on stage so we just ran with it.

MusicalFury – People would definitely categorize you as a lyrical MC, do you feel you get the proper recognition as a rapper?

Wordsworth – Yea, I think everyone’s path and journey in their career is different so the respect that we got or are getting as a group from people in general is a notch in the belt. Not everyone will be successful. Some portraits that were painted thousands of years didn’t get recognized until thousands of years later, that is how it is sometimes with art.

MusicalFury – The reason I ask is because you seem to be good about keeping your personal life and opinions to yourself and I rarely here much about you. Do you get frustrated at all with the media at times when they seem to cover mostly controversial stories and less about the music?

Wordsworth – Um, I don’t get bothered by it really but I think you just have to be searching for it. The more interest you show in something the more they will exhibit it on whatever media outlet it is. It is just all about what grabs your attention at the moment, you just have to seek it out.

MusicalFury – You are born and raised in Brooklyn NY, which part?

Wordsworth – I am from the Flatbush area near Prospect Park.

MusicalFury – There are a ton of great rappers out of Brooklyn, who is your favorite and who has had the most influence on you?

Wordsworth – I would say Ace who is in the group with me EMC and you got the Jay-Z and Biggie Smalls but as far as the borough, those are some of the main people I identify with. Big Daddy Kane, mostly the older generation and some from now that really influenced me from the borough.

MusicalFury – What are your plans after the EMC album, are you looking to let out another solo?

Wordsworth – Yea, I got a lot of solo stuff recorded so I plan on releasing some solo stuff and working on different aspects of whatever is going to keep me creative.

MusicalFury – Every time I interview an artist for the first time I like to get an idea of their spirituality and religious beliefs. Do you care to elaborate a little bit on yours?

Wordsworth – I am not into no religion per say, I believe in a higher being a higher power and stuff like that. What I thrive on is just having common sense and go from there with it. I am spiritual but I don’t have any main religion.


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