Uncle Murda Interview

Uncle Murda Interview

The latest MusicalFury interview is with the most notorious, Uncle Murda. He has been releasing hit after hit through his mixtapes and wanted to give his fans an update on what he is working on right now. If there is one individual in the world that I want to stay on his good side, it is this gentleman, I have nothing but good things to say haha. But, all in all he is a good guy in my book because he is a God fearing man.

New Mixtape GMG Presents – Ain’t Nothing Sweet Vol. 1 FEB 21st Download Ain’t Nothing Sweet Vol. 1 Here

MusicalFury – How are you Uncle Murda?

Uncle Murda – Good man, i’m trying to get some head while doing this interview. Shout out to all the cum catchers out there.

MusicalFury – Oh great, do you still go by Uncle Murda or are you officially Uncle M now?

Uncle Murda – It’s always going to be Uncle Murda but it is also U.M. Make sure to check out the newest mixtape coming out on February 21st – GMG presents: Ain’t Nothing Sweet Vol. 1.

MusicalFury – You have a lot of buzz from all the features and mixtapes you put out, what is your current situation as far as record deal? I think one of the first times I heard you was on a Lakey the Kid mixtape and everyone on that track killed it!

Uncle Murda – Yea, shout out to Lakey the Kid Queensbriidge, shout out to my nigga maino, shout out to my nigga Troy Ave we got a joint on his new album called Brooklyn shit. We just out here working and trying to kill this weirdo bullshit that is going on right now. Trying to get everybody on some real fuck the police shit. As far as a label, we are running with labels but the majors have to catch up, shout out to GMG, the labels ain’t poppin anyway. Everything is about GMG!

MusicalFury – How does it feel now that when you put something out, whether a full mixtape or a single, that it gets heard by people around the world?

Uncle Murda – It’s a good feeling I like getting shit off my chest, I like saying that real shit that people can relate to. I like how my music is getting heard and giving them that good music. I am trying to motivate people with my music and have some fun with this shit man.

MusicalFury – When you are not in the studio making all those hits, what do you do for fun on your free time?

Uncle Murda – Fuck this rap shit I hurt these rappers man. Did you see bullshit that happened out there in Florida? Let’s talk about that how that asshole shot that 17 year old black boy because of loud music. Fuck the system and fuck the judge.

MusicalFury – I can understand your frustrations especially with George Zimmerman getting off. But at least this guy in FL is not getting off that easy. You seem to have a close relationship with Maino, another NY artist that I have a lot of appreciation for his music, how did you get to know him from sharing studio time or something?

Uncle Murda – Maino is a street nigga, Im a street nigga and we just linked up, and that’s my motherfuckin brother. You know, we know and are friends with some of the same people in the streets.

MusicalFury – Hip-Hop today has become very diverse with a broad range of sounds some that may even be considered a blend of hip hop and pop. Do you think that NY still wears the crown?

Uncle Murda – My dude I think everybody should just do their thing. It is dominated by the south right now a little bit but you got the west coast and the south doing them. Everybody need to just make music and do them, stop being so buddy buddy.

MusicalFury – You have quite a number of mixtapes that are free for the fans to download, when do you plan to release an official album?

Uncle Murda – Yea, we going to put an album out this year too. This year we going to put out another EP and then put the actual album out after that. Feb 21st, GMG then after that we doing another Mixtape. We just want to get the shit going right and we will be releasing a lot of new music over 2014. Niggaz that talking to police goin get it.

MusicalFury – Are you waiting to get a deal from a major or are you considering the independent route where you would have more control?

Uncle Murda – We are on a label man, we going to let them catch up and follow shoot but we doing everything we got to do and turn it up how we turn up. Before you know it we are the talk of the town. GMG is the talk of the town!

MusicalFury – A lot of your music content is aggressive and I can see why. But, that is fine because hip hop tends to be aggressive and DMX, one of my favorite rappers of all time, has some of the most aggressive lyrics out there but he is also a very religious guy and it reflects in some of his music. Does Uncle Murda have a religious or spiritual side?

Uncle Murda – Yea, I believe in God, he is good he done bless me so God is good.

MusicalFury – That’s great to hear! I appreciate your time and best of luck with your career, I am a big fan of your music and the First 48 is a great mixtape. Looking forward to “Ain’t Nothin Sweet Vol. 1” coming out February 21st.

Uncle Murda – No problem and I appreciate the love.

Uncle Murda – My Shoes

Uncle Murda feat. Vado & Waka Flocka – New York City

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  1. Uncle Murda has some good music i think ill check this out

  2. The first 48 mixtape was hot but this one don’t look like its only uncle mrda

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