Ty Nitty Interview

Ty Nitty Interview

Ty Nitty from the Infamous Mobb rap group who were first known from classic appearances on Mobb Deep albums. He has recently branched out and started his own label with Vinny Thunn called Love & Loyalty Records. He has also been hard at work with a variety of Mixtape albums that can all be found here: iTunes Ty Nitty Collection

MusicalFury – What’s going on Ty?

Ty Nitty – Lately, I have just been bustin my ass working overtime. I have my own record label now Love & Loyalty Records, pushing that brand and pushing me as a solo artist.

MusicalFury – I know you have been very busy lately by the amount of music and music videos you put out. You must be one of the hardest working rappers.

Ty Nitty – That is what they are saying now, one of the hardest working rappers out there. I appreciate the recognition that I received for that and you really see how hard I’m working, so I love it you know? I work for my fans, I love the attention they give me and I give them good music in return.

MusicalFury – What is your current status as far as record label?

Ty Nitty – Love & Loyalty records is my record label and I have a couple of artists on there as well, Bishop Brooks, Cazmere and Fed-Up . We are putting these artists music together and putting that real hip-hop out because there is a lot of bullshit out there right now.

MusicalFury – Are you focusing mostly on your solo career right now?

Ty Nitty – Yes, definitely. Infamous Mobb, we have several projects and they are great bodies of work but as time goes on you have to grow, you know? That is what I did, Vinny Thunn is my partner on Love & Loyalty records and we are focusing on my solo career and the other artists on the label.

MusicalFury – How is the relationship with the other Infamous Mobb members, will there be another IM3 album in the future?

Ty Nitty – Um, you never know what the future holds but as of right now I am not focusing in that direction. Mostly focusing on Love & Loyalty and my solo career. Who knows, I wish the best for both of them and I want everyone to be successful. We grew up as friends before we even started as a group and I want them to be successful at what they do but you never know what could happen in the future.

MusicalFury – You have a ton of different mixtapes out that the fans can all get on iTunes, I can’t even count them all. What kind of deal do you work out where you can get those sold on iTunes?

Ty Nitty – Well, things have been going really good with that, man, independently is kind of different because we are putting our money and hard work into it and it has been paying off. As much as we push it we also are excited to just get great music out to the fans. We hope they love it, the beats and the rhymes, the queensbridge flavor. We are putting out everything independently and the fans support good music because a lot of them are probably getting tired of the tight jeans hip-hop.

MusicalFury – After Prodigy’s book was released it seemed to have stirred up some bad feelings between a few people, has that controversy died down now?

Ty Nitty – Yea, it died down now. It has been so long but people still talking about it.

MusicalFury – Ok, so you may even collaborate on some music in the future?

Ty Nitty – No, we are not going to collaborate on music any time soon. I saw Prodigy and he apologized to me for writing about me in the book and talking about what happened with Noreaga and all that.

MusicalFury – Ok, that’s good. Mobb Deep actually has a new project coming out this year that will be the first full-length album in a while from Havoc and Prodigy as Mobb Deep. Are you excited about their new project considering their impact in hip-hop and for Queensbridge?

Ty Nitty – I mean, as far as for hip-hop, it is good to know that people are putting out new music. I was always a hip-hop head period and I am sure that it will be good for Mobb Deep fans.

MusicalFury – You are also now a part of the rap group Screwball, are there plans to drop a new album at some point?

Ty Nitty – Yea, we definitely going to put something out, shout out to whole screwball. Kyron is incarcerated right now though, he is in jail right now but we got about 60% of the project done. I have been so busy with my label and Blaq Poet is doing his thing. The group is named after my brother, they used to call him Screwball and this continues his legacy. My brother had gotten shot 9 times and Blaq Poet was there and also got shot too, I think it grazed in his head or something like that but my brother passed away. Rest in Peace to Screwball.

MusicalFury – Who are all the official members in Screwball now? Is Hostyle still in the group?

Ty Nitty – Nah, Hostyle is not around anymore. Shout out to him that is my boy. It is just myself now, Blaq Poet, Skape Scrilla and Kyron. The original Screwball group consisted of Blaq Poet, Kyron, KL and Hostyle. God bless KL he passed away too.

MusicalFury – Recently a west coast rapper (Kendrick Lamar) and a southern rapper (Trinidad James) made headlines quite a bit lately after making some comments about NYC hip hop. Kendrick Lamar’s was only looked at as competitive because it was part of a rhyme but Trinidad James made it a little more personal because he spoke his opinion during a concert in Brooklyn. Did you pay any attention to that?

Ty Nitty – I just think that everyone knows that hip-hop started in NY first and foremost. We are always going to be the trendsetters, NY has been poppin forever. We are the Mecca of hip-hop. Trinidad James is kind of hot now as far as popularity and he getting his money and that is cool. I like Kendrick Lamar and what he is doing, at the end of the day we are all just people trying to survive and feed our families. My philosophy is just to live your life no matter what type of music you making, do your thing. Shout out to everyone else who is doing it Atlanta, Cali, overseas, big up.

MusicalFury – A few NY rappers did not take kindly to the things that Trinidad James said, what is your take on that? Do you think he crossed the line a little bit with his comments?

Ty Nitty – My thing is as far as Trinidad James doing that, it was real disrespectful to NY. It is one thing voicing your opinion but he made it sound like he wanted a problem. You know Trinidad James kind of sucks and he doesn’t do it for me, I thought he went about it the wrong way. I am in agreement with Maino and Mysonne because that wasn’t supposed to happen. If you feel that Atlanta is running stuff then it is what it is but you don’t have to take it as far as he did.

MusicalFury – What are your religious beliefs, do you believe in God?

Ty Nitty – Um, I definitely believe in a higher power, God first man. Without him you and I wouldn’t be doing this interview right now. I embrace Christianity and I believe in God but shout out to everyone else who has other beliefs and follow other religions. If you don’t believe in a higher power you won’t go far, period, in my mind. You have to have faith before anything and I always put God first with everything that I do.

MusicalFury – That is great, I appreciate your perspective on that. Thank you for your time, before we end, what should the fans look out for in terms of music from you and the Love & Loyalty Team in 2014?

Ty Nitty – Look out for my next project coming out “Nitty Files Vol 5”, we have a lot of hot cuts on there and are shooting a lot of videos. After that we have a project called “Smells Like Queensbridge” that is another solo project of mine. Fed-up has a new mixtape you can look out for called “Mechanic” and then he and I have one called “Shooters in Your Hood”. Cazmere is working on “The Juggernaugt Part 2”Vinny thunn and I are working on one called “the Machine”. Bishop Brooks has a mixtape called Vitamin B. If you want to holler at me for features or beats holler at Vinny Thunn VinnyThunn@gmail.com or Ty NItty Tynittyinfamous@gmail.com

Twitter – TyNittyMobb
Facebook – TyNittyIM3
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