Tai Hustle Interview

Tai Hustle Interview

Tai Hustle is a rap artist out of Brooklyn, NY who has released a couple of mixtapes and generating a lot of buzz. I heard the latest effort he released independently on his own label and I can see the definite potential for a long music career. He is in the process of shooting a new video for one of his new singles titled Carmelo Anthony which should be appearing on Youtube very soon. Check out what he has going on currently and one thing that I can say is that his motivation to be successful stands out and if Jay-Z came looking for an artist for Roc Nation to sign in his hometown, I am sure he wouldn’t be mad at that.

You can find his new album here on iTunes

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MusicalFury – How’s it going?

Tai Hustle – I’m good, just fucking with y’all right now.

MusicalFury – When did you start doing music and what were you doing prior to becoming an artist?

Tai Hustle – I’ve been making music for a long time, writing since like 13 but started wanting to make rap music at about 16 and worked on seriously trying to develop my craft. So, I’ve always been writing and recording but nothing much ever started happening until about 21. At that point I got signed to an independent record label but nothing really got released. In between I was going to school, hustling and working, trying to make money to feed myself. I had then gotten laid off for no reason and I said fuck a 9-5, I’m going to start doing what I am passionate about and really wanted to do and that was HipHop. Around the same time I met up with an associate of Just Blaze that knew I rhymed and asked me to spit for him. He was like yo that’s dope and said he wanted me to come through and would allow me to record in the studio for free.

MusicalFury – How did that all work out?

Tai Hustle – Well, not much came out of it initially but then I ran into him again just making moves through the city like God set that meeting up. a week later I got a phone call and we went into the studio and recorded a couple of songs. Things were taking longer than expected so then I said to him, I know you said you’d record my music for free but give me a week to come up with the cash and I’ll pay you. After recording everything we completed my first mixtape “I Am 718” and people started loving it you know. Everybody was showing me love from Brooklyn to the Bay Area to Canada, Europe and I even got love from niggas all the way in India.

MusicalFury – You just dropped your new mixtape “God of Brooklyn” recently that is available for purchase. What has the response been from fans on that so far?

Tai Hustle – People love it outside of Brooklyn even more than “I Am 718″. People love my style, passion, rawness and lyrical content. There isn’t anyone that hears it that says they don’t like it. Radio stations began to pick it up and people began reaching out for interviews or just wanted to throw money behind it just out of love and wanting to see me get to the major level. Thats actually how the project started, DJ Hardnox all the way out in Cali was really feeling “I Am 718″ and believed in it so much that he flew me out to California, financed my stay out there, produced the project and paid for crazy studio time without a single request. Shout outs to Dj Hardnox and Cali.

MusicalFury – That title is very similar to another mixtape that came out recently from Maino, is that intentional?

Tai Hustle – Yes, the thing about that was I was following Maino on Twitter, not that I fucked with him or his music but you know I wanted to show love. He’s from Brooklyn so whether you Maino, B.I.G, Uncle Murda, Jay-Z, Troy Ave or Whoever… you get love for the simple fact that you represent Brooklyn. Anything Brooklyn gets love automatically but certain niggas don’t deserve or appreciate love.

MusicalFury – What compelled you to do a song on your new mixtape called King of Brooklyn (Maino Diss)?

Tai Hustle – I had originally said that I was going to release my mixtape called “King of Brooklyn” and I felt like he was biting, that and a couple other situations happened. That was what really started the whole thing so then I ended up calling my mixtape “God of Brooklyn” because what’s greater than a King but God. People say they’re afraid of Maino and all that but I say reserve fear for God. I don’t fear any man and being from Brooklyn I’ve always held my own since a lil’ shorty.

MusicalFury – Why would you diss someone from the same borough as you who is very popular right now, was that like a 50 Cent How to Rob type of move where he name dropped the big name rappers?

Tai Hustle – Maino is over-rated but besides all that Brooklyn is a grimey hood. it’s the kind of place where only the strong survive. Everyone from Brooklyn has a little bit of heart no matter how big or small or frail or whatever. See, I never started to rap because I wanted to be PC or hold my tongue or whatever, I started rhyming because I had a story to tell.

MusicalFury – You do not know any of the rappers personally that you mentioned in your new mixtape, right?

Tai Hustle – I know of them and know people that know them directly. I was actually locked up at the bookings in downtown Brooklyn with Uncle Murda’s younger brother. We were there for the same charge or whatever and so we had words. He’s actually a cool nigga, fucked up he ain’t beat his charge.

MusicalFury – Now that you have two mixtapes out, what is your next move?

Tai Hustle – I’m independent right now and pushing my music through the label I own called SWAG’D OUT RECORDS. I’m doing really well and the great thing is that everything happening is being financed by people who have heard my music and like I said, want to see me do my thing on a major level. The videos that are coming out for “Carmelo Anthony” and a couple other songs are actually being shot by Fix Ya Face Films at a discount because they love the music and produced by a guy from a company called WavHi and they were the ones that produced majority of the tracks on “I Am 718″. I mean, even this shirt I got on is by Pain and Pleasure designed by a local designer from Brooklyn name Akeim just because they want to see me look good. So, the people and the streets are showing me mad love and I hope to one day pay that same love forward starting with Brooklyn.

MusicalFury – Brooklyn has a long line of great rappers, I am assuming Biggie Smalls is probably your favorite and has had a lot of influence on you?

Tai Hustle – Definitely.

MusicalFury – Who else right now are you feeling that you would be interested in working with?

Tai Hustle – There are dudes that are not here anymore like ODB, I love his flow, attitude and rawness and I love how Biggie represented. Those two dudes are the whole reason why I even wanted to start rapping, I heard their music and it was like this is what I want to do when I grow up. Jay-Z, I respect him and what he is about, he’s about getting that money and securing a legacy of wealth. I would love to work with him one day, don’t know how possible that is or if it would ever happen but If I ever had a choice of who to sign with it would definitely be the ROC. I also got a lot of respect for all the other niggas from Brooklyn besides Maino, FUCK HIM!

MusicalFury – You seem to make reference to God, are you a very religious person?

Tai Hustle – I’m not a very religious person as I don’t care much for rules and I don’t go to Church but I would say I am very spiritual. I read my Bible every now and again but I feel like my path is being lead by God. I feel like if I ask God for something, it will come about. I actually have been in situations before when people really wanted to merk me and as I sat on the toilet trying to figure out what to do I decided for the first time in my life to ask him (God) for help and as shit was about to go down mad people actually came to my aid with weapons drawn ready to kill for me. How they even knew I have no idea but at that point I recognized his greatness. He is the almighty and powerful being so whatever happens is in his control. I believe in God.

MusicalFury – Ok, well the mixtape sounds good and I think you have a lot of potential what is the next move for you?

Tai Hustle – This project is doing well and I plan to release a couple of music videos. I want to see how far I can take this project and who knows, maybe go on the road and try to figure out some sort of a tour. I want to make some shows happen in NY or even take it on the road to other states and if lucky enough, even Europe. It would be great to eventually be an opening act for dudes like Drake, Jcole, Kendrick Lamar, Troy Ave, Meek Mill or at the best Jay-Z. I’m sure someone gave them a shot, why not fuck with a real nigga like me.

MusicalFury – Do you plan to release a full-length album soon?

Tai Hustle – There is a progression to everything, I wrote this “God Of Brooklyn” in a week and “I Am 718″ in two. I recorded both mixtapes in three days so for me writing and recording is easy. I didn’t always have a story but since then I’ve been through so much at times it feels like I’ve lived 2 life times. I like to be prepared and make sure that I lay down the right vocals because time is money plus your story won’t mean much if the listeners or fans don’t get it. I am a hard working dude and extra focus with discipline before even being nice on the mic (no homo). So I feel good and feel like it’s my time. I am King and “God Of Brooklyn”.

MusicalFury – You can find Tai Hustle on twitter @TaiHustle or Click http://www.twitter.com/TaiHustle Listen to his mixtape on datpiff by searching “God Of Brooklyn” or simply purchase it on CDbaby at http://www.CDbaby.com/TaiHustle2

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