Sun-God Interview

Sun-God Interview

The latest interview we have for you is a young MC called Sun-God, he may look familiar to you because his father is probably in your top 5 favorite rapper list. Sun-God is Ghostface Killah’s oldest son who resembles him very much. He has a new EP out called The Redemption that you can find here on iTunes The Redemption If you are a fan of Ghostface you have also heard Sun-God featured on a few of his albums, he has a lot going on so be on the lookout for a lot of new music from him.

Video Shoot with Young Dirty Bastard (ODB’s son), Chris Rivers (Big Pun’s son) and Sun-God (Ghost’s son)

MusicalFury – What’s going on? Congratulations on the release of your new EP I got it on iTunes yesterday and think it is a great album. What was the experience like creating your first project?

Sun-God – Thank you. I appreciate the support. It was a great experiencing, I love creating music and to see everything come to a full circle is a great feeling.

MusicalFury – Did your father have a big part in the production of Redemption or did he give you a lot of freedom to be able to what you wanted?

Sun-God – This project was my own creation. Pops is always supportive of what I do, but this was me and Spanish Jose on the beats. He played them, I zoned out to the one I was feeling at the moment.

MusicalFury – You have been around hip hop probably most of your life since Wu Tang Clan started, how cool was it to see your father and the group get so famous?

Sun-God – It was an awesome feeling. One day I’ma write a book or blog about it. Lol.

MusicalFury – You were featured on a couple of the Ghostface Killah solo albums, I am sure you are grateful for that and it probably was not hard to transition into making your own music?

Sun-God – I’m always appreciative of opportunities given to me. Like I said, making music comes naturally, it’s in my DNA.

MusicalFury –Have you ever been on the Road with your father when he went on any major tours?

Sun-God – Yea, I did some spots a few years back. The tour taught me how to really grind in this game.

MusicalFury – What other artists do you admire in hip-hop who you could say helped inspire you to want to do music? I am sure your father is probably the biggest inspiration, is there anyone else that really impresses you or that you would like to work with in the future?

Sun-God – Yea there are many inspirations from artist but mainly I’d say my people from where I grew up at. There are many people I’d like to work with down the road but for now I’m just focusing on building my catalogue. It’s been too long since my fans have been waiting for material from me. I can’t disappoint them.

MusicalFury –How did you get together with Spanish Jose and what made you want him to be the sole producer on the album?

Sun-God – His people approached my people and we spent a few months in the studio and zoned out. He did his production thing, I did my recording.

MusicalFury –It is pretty cool that you did a track with ODB’s son YDB, I bet the fans can appreciate that. Wu Tang Clan had such a big impact on the world, do you have aspirations to make an equal impact or are you doing this more for the love of the art?

Sun-God – I’m doing it for all. I love the art, I love the fans. I love these questions, without hip hop ya’ll wouldn’t be asking me these questions, so definitely I am going to leave an impact and further the legacy.

MusicalFury – Another feature that I recognized right away was Tragedy Khadafi, which I thought,was an excellent choice. What compelled you to ask him to be a part of Redemption?

Sun-God – I was always familiar with Trag’s work and respect the legacy he’s created for himself. I was thinking to get someone outside the norm. Big bro came in and smashed that track. He did what he had to do to. Shout out to Trag.

MusicalFury – I heard that Ghostface and Tragedy are cousins, which would mean you are related, is that true?

Sun-God – Everybody cousins man. LOL.

MusicalFury –What are you plans for the future, are you looking to continue to make music and eventually release a full-length album?

Sun-God – Yea that’s the ultimate plan. Gain fans from all walks of life and further the brand and hip hop. I mean, this isn’t even scratching the surface of what I am going to give to the world. As long as they supporting, I’m gonna keep pushing forward.

MusicalFury – I want to thank you for your time, is there anything in particular that you want to let your fans know before we finish?

Sun-God – Yes, I wanna thank everyone for supporting the movement. I love my fans, keep spreading the word. For those who still haven’t listened to the EP, make sure to go get it from I’m about to hit the road soon. Make sure if I’m in your town, come build with me. Thank you to you for the support.

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