Ruc AKA Mr. QB Interview

Ruc AKA Mr. QB Interview

MusicalFury’s latest interview is with a talented rapper from Queensbridge who is about to shake up hip hop with his new release of I AM QB. This is a breakthrough album for him that showcases his skill and help bring back the beautiful Queensbridge sound that rap is lacking at the moment. Check out what Ruc aka Mr. QB has cooking and his plans for the future, including a clothing line. (Photos provided by Hostage Media

MusicalFury – What’s going on today Mr. QB?

Ruc (MR.QB) – Everything is good man, I am waiting for Wrestlemania 30, got the WWE network on with my son and just chillen.

MusicalFury – So you have a new album dropping called I AM QB, how is that coming along?

Ruc (MR.QB) – It’s dope man, I AM QB is dope, basically me featuring all Queensbridge artists, letting people know who I am. It is a great feeling and a great look for Queensbridge. I have the clothing line that I am working on also so it is a movement, a family and we coming.

MusicalFury – This is similar to what Nas and Lakey the Kid have done in the past by gathering the best artists from Queensbridge and creating a super group type of album. Was it easy to gather everyone since not everyone lives in QB anymore?

Ruc (MR.QB) – Well, it is something similar to the QB Finest album and 41st Side album but this one is a little different because all the songs I created myself for my project and sent them out to the individuals that chose to participate, which is basically everyone. Today with emails and dropbox and all that made it easy to accomplish. There were a couple of songs that were done in the studio together but the rest were emailed and sent back.

MusicalFury – What was the inspiration for creating this QB compilation now, just figured it was time for another one or is it something you have been looking to do for a while?

Ruc (MR.QB) – It is really just a way to come out and show people what I can do as an artist but at the same time I am featuring a lot of rappers from my neighborhood. I was reaching out to other artists and everyone was down to get on a track so it just happened.

MusicalFury – You are affiliated with Metta World Peace and his music label, is this dropping on Tru Warrior Records?

Ruc (MR.QB) – Nah, there is no more Tru Warrior Records it is now called Artest Media Group and we are more of a management company than a label. I have been working, cultivating songs and as far as I AM QB, this is more of a self-made thing and separate from AMG. So to answer your question no, this will not be released on AMG and hopefully I can release on my own label.

MusicalFury – What was it like growing up in Queensbridge around the time when the music really started to kick off with Marley Marl, MC Shan and the Juice Crew?

Ruc (MR.QB) – It was dope, I was a youngin you know, I kinda caught the ending of that. When I was little I could remember them carrying crates to the park and I used to see guys like Craig G and Kool G Rap come through. My real inspiration came from Nas, he was around and more relevant to my age group where I was able to see him and be around the excitement when he would shoot a music video in the hood.

MusicalFury – When Nas and Mobb Deep became really popular beginning in the early 90’s did that create a big surge of people starting to focus on being a rapper?

Ruc (MR.QB) – Well, I know they sparked a lot of individuals to want to rap. But, I have been interested in hip hop just from it being so prevalent in my environment growing up and was actually in a group called Killa Kidz that was started by Mobb Deep’s old DJ, Prince AD. They definitely had an influence but as I said it was always there and was a part of our community.

MusicalFury – What are your plans after dropping this album, are you doing a solo album or do you plan to tour at all?

Ruc (MR.QB) – Well basically I AM QB is also the start of a brand. I have the clothing line, a few albums that I am working on including a vol 2 and 3. Touring is definitely in the plan but right now I am focusing on getting this project set up right and have everyone help rep the brand, Queensbridge is officially back. The artists that will appear on this album are still relevant today and this will help bring them and myself back to the forefront.

MusicalFury – Who were some of the most well known battle rappers in Queensbridge, I heard Cormega was pretty tough to go up against?

Ruc (MR.QB) – Me coming up, I used to hear so much about Cormega and so much about Tragedy Khadafi. I remember my man Prince AD said that was one of the best things he ever witnessed the Tragedy vs. Cormega battle. One thing that really sticks out to me is seeing the unity and the potential that we have. When Nas was doing the QB Finest he got dudes together that didn’t even get along that well and it was a great outcome. We have so much talent and that aura just needs to be back into hip hop. I feel it is my responsibility to keep that vibe alive.

MusicalFury – How many videos do you plan to release for I AM QB? I know you were doing one for the Catch My Drift song with Blaq Poet and another one with Tragedy…

Ruc (MR.QB) – There are going to be about 5 videos in total. I got Catch my Drift with Blaq Poet, one with Tragedy Khadafi, one with Capone and Nature, one with the Mobb and one other.

MusicalFury – By the way, that song Catch My Drift is very good and I commend you for keeping the authentic NY sound and not trying to hop on a down south beat.

Ruc (MR.QB) – That’s dope man, I want to bring that back, you are going to get that real gritty and grimey Queensbridge sound. I am like a mix of Nas and Mobb Deep because I got the lyrics and the hardcore sound, we keeping it official.

MusicalFury – Is there an official release date yet for I Am QB?

Ruc (MR.QB) – Not yet, I am kind of holding out but shooting for the end of the summer. I don’t want to rush the project because it has great potential. I want to be able to capitalize on a successful album but don’t want to edge anything in stone yet.

MusicalFury – Besides the artists mentioned on the cover, who else will be a part of this project?

Ruc (MR.QB) – There are a few others who are involved but not listed on the cover photo. I got Bars & Hooks on there. Roxanne Shante, MC Shan, Craig G, Marley Marl, Cormega, Nature, Capone, Nas, Lakey the Kid etc… There are a couple of people that I am still working on like Littles and any other big Queensbridge name you can think of, best believe I am going to try and get them involved.

MusicalFury – I ask this to everyone just because of my curiosity, what are your beliefs about a higher power?

Ruc (MR.QB) – I take a page from a brother that I have been dealing with named Brother Polight, I believe that there is a God because I believe the God in me. The powers within me and my creation leads me to believe that there must be a higher power. He is one of our activists of today, he reminds me of a modern day Malcolm X, he is a dope individual.

MusicalFury – Thanks for your time, good luck on the release I think this is going to be a very successful project and great start for your career as an artist.

Ruc (MR.QB) – Thank you and thanks to MusicalFury for the time and the love. Stay tuned I am definitely going to send you some exclusives.

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  2. I like the songs posted up on the interview and the features list is crazzy for the album

  3. I heard this guy on the other QB albums glad he finally dropping

  4. dam has like every rapper from qb on that album have to check it out

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