Playmaka Interview

Playmaka Interview

The one… the only… Playmaka. New artist on Young Money about to take the game by storm. I am not always able to cosign some of the artists that Lil Wayne has showcased in his arsenal but this guy definitely has talent. You can tell just by his energy and his freestyles that he is an entertainer but also sees the importance in lyricism. Hails from Tampa Florida and actually has a video on Youtube where he is expressing his disappointment with the quality of music that has been coming out of the south lately. He even calls out a few notable artists in his freestyle like Young Thug, OT Genasis and others. See what this rascal has up his sleeve because you won’t be disappointed.


MusicalFury – Hey Playmaka, how’s it going?

Playmaka – Good man, I am a musician promoting my music. I am from Tampa Florida and doing it for a long ass time.

MusicalFury – I saw your video and was very impressed by your freestyle. You are from Florida but you are upset with the efforts the south has been putting forth in hip hop?

Playmaka – I feel like the music can be a lot better. A lot of guys coming out with music that is not uplifting the youth and sounds dumbed down. People just think that if you can rap you can just put out anything.

MusicalFury – The video on Youtube is labeled as a diss toward rappers like Young Thug, OT Genasis, Rich Homie Quan and more. Are you doing this for attention or do you really disagree with the quality of music they are putting out?

Playmaka – It started off like ok I am a starving musician and I want attention but if you listen to my rhymes, most of the guys I am dissing deserve it and I don’t agree on all the music they put out. It is kind of a publicity stunt because I am good and at a point it felt like nobody wants to hear me. I am getting some attention from some of my other songs and I think they are phenomenal. I think the reason some of the good music out gets neglected is because of the music they are allowing to come out. It really lowers the bar…

MusicalFury – You have a mixtape out called Power Move, have you been a recording artist for long?

Playmaka – Yes, the mixtape is on iTunes and it is all over man, I have been doing this for a while. I want everyone to go grab it if they can. I have been rapping for about 14 years now.

MusicalFury – Are you currently signed to Lil Wayne’s label YMCMB?

Playmaka – I wish, you know what I mean? That is another one of those things where it is like, how can I get some attention. Lil Wayne came down here for a show and I handed my mixtape for him. He got back on the bus and left and his manager hit me up. I don’t know if Lil Wayne heard it yet but the manager did come out with it. If you listen to it I say Lil Wayne come sign me, in the rap.

MusicalFury – What inspires you to make music, do you have a favorite rapper that inspires you to write?

Playmaka – Um, I dig a lot of artists like J Cole, Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, little bit of Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. I used to be a Lil Wayne freak, I used to love his style.

MusicalFury – What are your plans, are you releasing any new music this summer?

Playmaka – Yea, I have a mixtape coming out, it is actually in the process of finishing up the recorindg. I will send it off to get mastered and stuff. But the Power Move record, I don’t think enough people got a listen to that so they need to check that out.

MusicalFury – What do you do for a living? You seem to have stacks of cash on hand at all times, is that all from performing?

Playmaka – Yea well I do local shows and it pays good because I sell my music out the back of my trunk. It is just money I stack up over time.

MusicalFury – How did the name Playmaka come about?

Playmaka – I was out in NY trying to chase my dream and coming out with mix tapes, dropping them and nothing happened. I cut my hair and I changed my name. When I was in a transition of chaining my name, I chose Playmaka because I was the guy that made something out of nothing. I was going to use my middle name but I like Playmaka and glad I went with that.

MusicalFury – Who do you have a lot of respect for in hip hop?

Playmaka – I do respect bosses in the game like Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne. You know, top dogs like that, they been doing there thing for a while and got the power to sign different artists and change their lives you know? The ones that are really making noise I respect those guys.

MusicalFury – Last but not least, do you believe in a higher power and possibly a judge of all your good and bad deeds?

Playmaka – Of course, I believe that there is a God. For the longest I was Christian and believing in Jesus and all of that. But I think there is just one God and his name is Jesus. I love that song No Church in the Wild, what is a king to a God or a God to a non believer? I still like Christians but I don’t feel like I have to do what others have to do, I don’t feel like if I want to have multiple women that it is a sin.

MusicalFury – Thanks for your time!

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