Mysonne Interview Part 2

Mysonne Interview Part 2

MusicalFury was able to catch up with Mysonne a second time to see what he is up to, what music he has been working on and his involvement with the Justice or Else Million Man March. He also details why he isn’t appreciative of BET not airing the Million Man March or having anyone at the event to cover it. This is a great artist who is very politically focused, similar to another MC that we all know and love… Tupac. Both have the same kind of heart and he is in it to help enlighten and better the people.

Mysonne has been around for years and I am sure would have blown up just like a lot of other artists but unfortunately was sent to jail and that really affected his situation. He speaks about that situation briefly and still is very positive, truly a resilient individual who is looking for some changes to happen. There is a reason why The Game pays close attention to him and had him on Black Wall Street at one point.


Mysonne Interview Part 2

MusicalFury – Hey Mysonne, how is everything?

Mysonne – Everything is good man, no complaints.

MusicalFury – How long have you been making music for now? I have been following you now on Youtube and social media for a while always waiting for the latest.

Mysonne – I have been making music since 1998, that is my first ever recording on the Ruff Ryders first album and then the Violators first album.

MusicalFury – You have a lot of videos to go along with your songs, do you feel that youtube is the best platform for getting your music out?

Mysonne – Yea, whatever you are looking for you can find on there. Radio caters to a certain kind of artist or a certain sound. With Youtube, you can find out the artists you like best and listen to whatever they have available, nothing is biased on there, you just find what you like.

MusicalFury – I feel that you are a smart guy and are waiting for the right time to really reveal your music to the masses. You have released a few very well received mixtapes but haven’t released a full length album yet, have you not been introduced to the right situation yet?

Mysonne – Well, I am in the process of putting together my first EP or I may just change it to be my first album and put a couple more songs on it, that is coming real soon. It is going to be accompanied by a mini movie so by Jan or Feb it should be out there.

MusicalFury – You were working with Game at one point and I thought you were signed to Black Wall Street at one point?

Mysonne – There wasn’t really any paperwork but I was a Black Wall Street member. I went on tour with Game and we still work together, that’s fam.

MusicalFury – You recently had a really great message at the “Justice or Else” Million Man March that you broadcasted to everyone. Can you elaborate a bit on your involvement with helping to put this whole movement together?

Mysonne – I was part of the committee and part of the organization (Justice League NYC), that concentrates on police brutality and dealing with injustices. Minister Farrakhan reached out to our organization and one of the people on my team was a co-convener of the march. Based on that, they gave us the opportunity to get together and mobilize. I decided to right the justice or else speech that I presented at the event.

MusicalFury – You are standing up for your rights in a very noble and peaceful way that I can appreciate, you are a very positive figure in hip hop right now. You definitely have your own sound and appeal but if I were to compare your contribution to hip hop, I would have to say it is similar to Tupac. There are two reasons that helped me form this opinion 1) you have a very strong work ethic and you release a lot of great music. And 2) you are very passionate about trying to make a difference and are creating a platform for yourself to be able to do so. Would you say this is a fair assessment?

Mysonne – I mean that is an honor to be compared to Tupac, that is one of my idols and one of my inspirations. I feel that the space that pac left here is void. We have a lot of artists that make good music but nobody that is as passionate with the warrior spirit that connect with the street or nobody who is political to do those things. To be compared to Pac is an honor and I hope that I have 1 percent of an impact on what he has done as an artist.

MusicalFury – You have indicated recently that you would like for people to boycott BET, what is your main gripe with this program?

Mysonne – For years they haven’t really represented us the way we need to be represented. They are supposed to be the voice for black people and we have struggles that they should be helping to deal with. It is like, what are you doing? What are you really doing? Then when we have a Million Man March and they don’t cover it? You are supposed to be for black people and the Million Man March is not on BET, they don’t even have one person there. It was disrespectful and at this point enough is enough. Most people agree with me and we are not going to act like they are representing us.

MusicalFury – What is your goal within the next 5 years music wise and politically?

Mysonne – I want to be able to make a social change as well as a change in music. It is good to be able to rap but I want to have a shift in music. The party songs and dance songs are good but I believe that it is time to believe that music should shift back to having more substance and people want to have feelings and emotions back in the music. When I am going through something, I don’t want to dance, I want to be able to listen to an artist that can help you reflect.

MusicalFury – There is a guy that goes by the name of MC WAR who recently put together a battle rap platform between two iconic 90′s rappers, Keith Murray and Fredro Starr. Do you think that this concept will catch on and would you be interested in getting involved with it?

Mysonne – I mean, if it is the right situation and right timing. I love rap and I love battle rap but at the end of the day I am not saying no or saying yes but they have to catch me at a time that everything makes sense.

MusicalFury – MC WAR has an idea for a new 90′s theme battle and he is trying to get a consensus of how anticipated a Tragedy Khadafi vs. AZ battle would go over. Do you think this is a good match up, who do you think would take it?

Mysonne – I don’t know if people want to see AZ and Tragedy Khadafi battle to be honest. You are talking about two artists that are great MCs but were never really battle rappers in their careers. I don’t see why he would think that would be good. AZ was never a battle rapper, he was always about style and being smooth and laid back with his rhymes. But who knows, maybe I am wrong. I respect both of them as artists and appreciate both of their contributions to hip hop.

MusicalFury – You have worked with quite a few artists so far in your music career, are there any out there that you haven’t yet had a chance to work with but would like to? When I interviewed Havoc of Mobb Deep I commended him on the features he chose for his latest album and he commented on how you were one of his favorite MCs.

Mysonne – Yea, and I love Havoc too man, he is a dope MC and producer. When he sent me the track I was honored. He reached out and I was so honored, I was like wow, I would love to do that. We were actually all recording in Miami together a while back in separate studios and we were supposed to do a song together and never got the opportunity to do it, so it was long overdue. It is like a dream come true.

MusicalFury – Where does God fit in for you in your daily life?

Mysonne – God is in everything I do, without God I don’t know where I would be. I did 7 years in prison for a crime that I never committed. By the grace of God I came home and now have so many things that I am able to do that I really appreciate. All praise to God, he is in everything that I do.

MusicalFury – Thank you very much for your time.

Mysonne – Thank you for the interview, I appreciate it.

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