J-Hood Interview

J-Hood Interview

MusicalFury caught up with J-Hood lately to see what he has been up to and apparently he has a lot going on these days from Music to book writing. He used to be a part of D-Block where he first got his start in hip-hop on more of a mainstream level but eventually had a falling out with the Lox. But, you will be happy to know that he recently had a sit down with each of the Lox members to settle their differences.

MusicalFury – What’s up J-Hood?

J-Hood – Just working on a couple of different projects at the moment right now, trying to complete these deadlines. I am working on an album with Yukmouth out of the bay, supposed to come out in December and we working on a couple of new songs. Also working on a project with Twin from Infamous Mobb which will be coming out this year.

MusicalFury – What have you been up to lately? There was a period that I didn’t hear much from you regarding new music.

J-Hood – Nah, not at all, I have always been working. I guess my whole departure from D-Block I had to kind of recreate myself and recreate a new identity. Mixtapes are not what they used to be anyway, I have been putting music out online on on Datpiff and putting the music out on the streets.

MusicalFury – I saw the new music video you did with Twin from Infamous Mobb, how did you link up with him for that song?

J-Hood – Twin is my guy man, he is real cool that is a good due. A while ago when I was still on D-Block we did a song with Twin on an Alchemist project and then another one with Sheek Louch and Big Noyd. We said we might as well work on some stuff. At the time I had family down in North Carolina and I bumped into him down there because his brother or someone had a house down there too.

MusicalFury – You were a part of D-Block years ago, I know this is old news but what actually happened for you and them to have a falling out?

J-Hood – Not only part of D-block I am a co-founder of D-Block. I helped create that movement and that whole thing over there. There were a number of things, for the most part there were a lot of disadvantages for me. In order to deal with the disadvantages I was young and went about it the wrong way. Every family has fights and we weren’t all just a crew but we were a family. I made the mistake of making our disagreements public instead of keeping it in house. That is what caused all the backlash, everybody put their two cents in and they were trying to make it something it wasn’t. I am responsible for that because if I didn’t make that public it probably would have been ok. My brother Sheek was getting to put out a bunch of projects and the streets were asking for me also and I just came up with the idea that I wanted to leave since I hadn’t been able to release anything. I then started my own movement called OTG On the Grind Entertainment.

MusicalFury – Would you be able to swallow your pride and make some music with your Yonkers brethren?

J-Hood – I mean, I don’t know, I can’t really speak for them but what I would say is that we have to take baby steps and we actually accomplished something very big. Well, I wouldn’t say we but I took the initiative to go to them individually and apologize for what had happened. I didn’t want to have that still over my head because I am older now and I wanted to speak my peace. I view it totally different now and I told them all how I felt, we squashed everything and put it all behind us. We are cool now, no drama at all. We still in the same town and I never left Yonkers so I always saw them doing their thing and I was still doing my thing. Those are my brothers at the end of the day, you never know what can happen. I just saw them with 50 Cent in the studio so you never know.

MusicalFury – How do you get your creative juices flowing for writing your music?

J-Hood – Um, it really depends man, as of lately I am really trying to aim in another direction now that I am older and I see things for what they really are. As far as the industry it is totally different from how other guys look at it. It is made out of mostly lies and delusions, they get caught up in the hype and they promote the ignorance and the watered down bubble gum rap. What I try to do is take real life situations from what I go through or what my friends go through and try to put that into words from what fits and go from there.

MusicalFury – What do you think about rappers who rap and sing? Do you feel that has a place in hip hop and you support it or do you view that as more of a pop thing?

J-Hood – Me personally, I don’t see anything wrong with it. If you can rap and sing you are blessed and don’t let nobody tell you that you don’t belong in this genre because if they can do it they would do it too. It is a new age, hop hop isn’t what is used to be, you have to move you have to grow. Nothing ever stays the same.

MusicalFury – What kind of label are you looking for if you were to put out an album? Personally, I feel like majors aren’t as important as they used to be.

J-Hood – My project is actually signed to an indy company. We have a distribution deal through RC records that is part of E1. That will be out in retail stores and iTunes but as a solo tip I don’t know, whoever would give me the best deal. It all depends on how the deal would be structured but indy would be good too because I know what it takes to actually be on the road to being prosperous and I was with these guys, I know what it took. I don’t mind doing the extra work. There are other things I am doing other than rap too, I have a book that I am coming out with that is an autobiography called tales from the hood, basically my life in my words from a youngin being born in north Carolina and moving up here to NY. I went through every step of my life and let them know about things that they may not know about. Not a bashing book but just situations that I had to endure. Also, I wrote a movie that we are looking to start filming called Perseverance. Shyheim was supposed to be in it but he supposed to be going to jail so we will see how that works out, maybe try to get him in before he has to leave. I also have plans to have my guy the Pharmacist from and1 basketball in the movie. Lastly, the Sacrifice is a new EP that I will be dropping on the 23rd so look out for that.

MusicalFury – I hear DMX was a legend in Yonkers even before he got famous, right? Did you hear that he was willing to box George Zimmerman for charity?

J-Hood – Yes, of course. My take was, whoever came up with that idea honestly had too much time on their hands because George Zimmerman is not a celebrity, he shouldn’t be put on that pedestal to even be looked at in the public eye for him to be involved in that. He shouldn’t get any recognition at all because he is still a murderer. He may have not been convicted and I thought the whole thing was silly so I am glad they cancelled it.

MusicalFury – What do you think about the Hip-Hop Illuminati? Do you think that some mainstream rappers really sold they souls to the devil for fame or is that just a ridiculous conspiracy?

J-Hood – The thing about that, people are not too knowledgeable about what the illuminati is anyway. They are running with the hearsay but if they really knew what it was and what it came from, they wouldn’t be spooked. They just have the wrong concept of what the Illuminati is. I do a lot of reading and I study a lot of things like Egyptology and all that so I am somewhere else with it mentally.

MusicalFury – I ask ever rapper because it is important to me to ask, what are your views on God?

J-Hood – Um, well I believe in a higher power but my concept of God is a little different than the average person. My opinion is a being or entity that can create life. We are a lower form of Gods because we have the power to be able to pro-create. I have studied Egyptology before and my views may very greatly compared to others but I have a lot to say on this topic that we could debate about for hours…

MusicalFury – Thank you for your time, do you have any other last words?

J-Hood – Look out for the sacrifice because a lot of the stuff we were just conversing about are the same topics that I am talking about on the EP. Follow the movement ODG and follow me on twitter as well as all the things that I am working on this right now.

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