Havoc of Mobb Deep Interview

Havoc of Mobb Deep Interview

Havoc is one half of one of the most legendary hip hop groups in history, Mobb Deep. He is also a very highly praised producer who laces a lot of the Mobb Deep tracks and for his solo albums. He has worked with a countless number of artists in the genre and continues to build onto his legacy. I had the pleasure of interviewing Havoc just the other day and spread the word about his latest album titled 13 Reloaded that is available NOW Here on iTunes

MusicalFury – What’s up Havoc, I hear you just got back from overseas. How was the tour, were you solo or with Prodigy?

Havoc – I was in Canada with Mobb Deep, we had about a month long tour. The tour was pretty dope we haven’t been there in about 8 to 10 years or something like that.

MusicalFury – You and Prodigy formed Mobb Deep which is probably one of the most legendary groups in hip hop history. But you guys have had your ups and downs, what does it take to keep a group together?

Havoc – We overcame the little arguments that we had in the past because we are like family. Like brothers, we just worked it out. It has to be the interest and love that the individuals have for the group and love for what you are doing and then just blatant respect for each other. Those three things and we started a long time ago and we both really love the music so it wasn’t really that hard to get back on track.

MusicalFury – Regardless of any issues, I am glad you and Prodigy came together to release the latest Mobb Deep album. How do you feel the 13 album was received by fans and critics?

Havoc – Um, well I put it out independently you know what I mean. It probably wasn’t received by as many people because of that but the people who did received it, I got a good response.

MusicalFury – Since you produce quite a few tracks on the Mobb Deep records I assume the record company would pay you just like any other producer, right?

Havoc – It is a little bit more technical than that. I see a little more in publishing because I produce some of the tracks.

MusicalFury – You have accomplished a lot in your career through creating timeless hip hop classics, helping bring out new groups and producing for countless artists records. What else are you striving to achieve as an artist and a producer?

Havoc – I mean sky is the limit you know what I mean. I am a producer at heart and an artists so whatever comes my way. It is in my blood and I would do music scores and what not, whatever is out there.

MusicalFury – You released your solo album 13 last year and are following it up this year with 13 reloaded which is available now in stores. Did you produce this whole album yourself?

Havoc – Yes, I produced the whole entire album for 13 Reloaded. On 13 I did not produce the entire one but this one I definitely did.

MusicalFury – In a few words, why should fans go out and purchase the brand new album? I already know exactly why I want to purchase it and doing so tonight, excited to hear it!

Havoc – Because I am one half of Mobb Deep, this is a good buy and definitely something to put into your collection.

MusicalFury – I remember when Prodigy was the one releasing all the solos and you seemed to be more focused on producing. But, at this point, it seems like you are catching up to him being that this is your fourth solo album?

Havoc – I am not trying to catch up to him but I am just trying to put out quality music. I try to let people know that it is a bit harder because I produce and write the rhymes.

MusicalFury – I can certainly appreciate the artist that you chose to be on your album, how did you choose considering there are so many artists that could have been a good fit?

Havoc – Even though there are a lot of artists out there that I truly truly like, I just went with the flow with whoever I was feeling at the moment. I definitely appreciate that they chose to do it and showed me love to be on the album. I want to salute them for being a part of the project.

MusicalFury – It is almost like you asked me who I wanted to be on your album based on the guest features you chose. These are right up my alley! Always been a fan of Mobb, Cormega and Lox but Mysonne in particular is definitely killing it right now. How did you connect with him to get on the album?

Havoc – Mysonne is one of my favorite artists you know what I am saying? It was an honor for him to be on my project. The lox is like one of my favorite groups and Cormega is incredible so it just made sense. This is one of the first times that Sheek and I are on a track just the two of us.

MusicalFury – You know there is one other artist that if you had on there I would have thought you were reading my mind, also from QB, Blaq Poet.

Havoc – Definitely, that is fam right there, Poet is a legend and maybe on the next one. I am always open to doing a joint with Poet.

MusicalFury – Are you currently grooming any other artists? I know Prodigy had helped put out artists like Bars & Hooks and you have been working with your cousin Ferg Brim.

Havoc – Right, yea right now I am trying to get him off the ground and started so you can expect new music from him. He out there and trying to do his thing.

MusicalFury – Yes, I heard a track recently that was hot with him and Papoose.

Havoc – Yes, called Goons. That was a great track.

MusicalFury – I heard recently that there is another QB finest project in the works, can you tell us anything about this?

Havoc – Right now I am just as much in the cloud about it as you but I am glad that they are definitely doing that and hope that I can be part of it.

MusicalFury – Lastly, what do you believe in when it comes to religion?

Havoc – I don’t like to disclose what I believe because I like to keep that private but I do appreciate the question.

MusicalFury – Thank you for your time Havoc, I wish you well with the new things you are working on and keep in touch.

Havoc – Thank you, I appreciate the interview.

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  1. Nice interview with havoc, didn’t know he had an album out but I will be checking this out today.

  2. been a mobb deep fan since day one! New album from hav or P is a must in my opinion.

    • Yup, especially if Havoc produced the whole thing that is insane!

  3. Havoc is nice but P was always the better lyricist. I can admit that Havoc has been stepping it up though and the production is usually pretty hot…

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