Foul Monday Interview

Foul Monday Interview

I got a chance to connect with Foul Monday to discuss today’s hip hop and his new album called I Hate Monday. Foul Monday has been involved in quite a number of different projects throughout his career and also has a few mixtapes under his belt as well. He is an artist that has a lot of potential and will not be one to just come and go but rather stick around for a while. You want to know just how foul can foul get… he’s coming straight outta Queesnsbridge. If you are a fan of Foul Monday, or a fan of vintage style hip hop, go support the new album. Available here on iTunes.

MusicalFury – Hey Foul, how in the world are you?

Foul Monday – Everything is good, I can’t complain. Life is what it is.

MusicalFury – You just released a brand new album, I Hate Monday, that is available now on iTunes. How long did this album take you to make?

Foul Monday – Uh, I am a little embarrassed to say, so lets just say too long. This took a lot of time and I am glad to be passed it but happy that it is now available.

MusicalFury – Are you receiving positive feedback for the new album so far?

Foul Monday – Yes, all positive feedback. I haven’t gotten anything negative yet, I am looking for it. I don’t mind negativity, it is what it is, if I take it I own it.

MusicalFury – Record sales don’t really mean as much today as they used to. Do you find it much easier to get your music out there with sites like Youtube and other social media?

Foul Monday – Oh definitely, you know that is definitely a double edged sword too though. As easy as it is to access the music, you can also have it easier to get ripped off, concepts get stolen etc… But, you can definitely get your music out there really quick now to the fans.

MusicalFury – What are your thoughts on some of these new artists like Lil Uzi Vert and Desiigner? Desiigner is from New York but he certainly does not sound like a New York artist, he sounds 100% gimmick.

Foul Monday – Right, I was always brought up to respect the artist and what he brings to the table. Recently it seems like these new artists are uninterested in bringing anything new to the table. They seem to be latching on to the shit that will definitely catch someone’s ear and run with it. This has always kind of been in hip hop but artists didn’t take the worst and run with it. Artists now are taking the worst parts of hip hop and using it, like drugs and other stupid shit and not even rhyming. These guys are saying complete nonsense and the DJ’s aren’t calling them out. They are pushing the bullshit agenda and they are all full of shit and trying to make a buck. You cannot really knock them for that because they are trying to make money but when it comes to the genre, they are poisoning it. This is truly a sad day and something has to give.

MusicalFury – You are from Queensbridge and from what I understand, you still live in that neighborhood, right?

Foul Monday – Uh huh, I am still here. It is kind of by choice too though because I don’t have to be here but it is convenient for me. The time has come for me to move on from here though I think.

MusicalFury – You must have been very inspired being from a neighborhood that is so rich in talent. Who inspired you the most from your neighborhood?

Foul Monday – To be honest, my friends inspired me the most. Killa Kidz (a group from the neighborhood) were all my friends rhyming. The oldest guy at the time was Killa Sha and he was in his 20’s, everyone else were pretty much teenagers. The things they were saying and things they were doing, they were really advanced, ahead of their time. I think that is why they haven’t really grown to any prominent positions because there was a lot of hatred toward them. I was able to see both sides of the table because I was also a part of the group. We weren’t doing anything else that others weren’t doing but we were definitely keeping up with the competition. We could walk into any cypher and take on pretty much anyone, so I think people got a little jealous. I was also inspired by guys like Nas, Cormega and Mobb Deep, among others, but I wasn’t around them as much. I was actually forged by the Killa Kidz, they had way more influence on me than anyone else from here.

MusicalFury – How is the vibe amongst Queensbridge artists today? Is everyone getting along and willing to make another QB’s Finest or 41st Side sort of compilation album? Do you think something like this will happen in the future?

Foul Monday – It is funny that you ask, there are actually some steps being taken right now and that is called QB United. A majority of the artists in QB are going to come together and represent, let people know that QB is still producing quality artists. We don’t get the opportunity that we used to get but the talent, motivation and drive is definitely there. We have the time to come together and make something happen. If we are to include guys like Nas and the other heavy hitters, it may take away from what we are trying to do. We are trying to promote the underdogs right now.

We really need to make something happen because I heard the Desiigner freestyle and it is like, who is really promoting this music? We actually have to sift through music to find something decent and that shouldn’t be the case. We shouldn’t have to do that.

MusicalFury – What are your goals as far as being a rapper? I am sure you would love for it to take off and be able to make a living off of touring and making music full time, right?

Foul Monday – That would be dope.

MusicalFury – You go on Youtube and there are tons and tons of people putting together short little videos on conspiracy theories. Some of which include the entertainment industry, they say that the Illuminati are in control and that is why they have such terrible music because they want to dumb down the masses. Do you believe there is any truth in that once so ever?

Foul Monday – I think there is some truth to it, I don’t think it is as deep as everyone thinks it is. I think it is a matter of dollars, the bullshit is making money so everyone is dumbing it down. It goes in phases, everyone tries to ride on the coattails of what is hot at the time. I think this industry is ran and predicated on making money. When someone is talking about the illuminati and music, they are talking about making money in my opinion. If everyone made music from the heart we wouldn’t have this problem but, that isn’t the case right now.

MusicalFury – This is a two part question, or maybe a three part. Do you consider yourself a spiritual or religious person? If so, what religion do you practice? Second, having a platform that is as influential as hip hop is to the youth, what would you do to try and steer the young generation in the right direction? Would you do it through your music or would you take an active role in trying to be a good role model in other ways in your personal life?

Foul Monday – I am a little weird when it comes to that. I would say I am spiritual, I do believe in a higher power, I do not believe in religion. I just believe they are different ways of manipulation and control. I see sometimes how religion makes people crazy and can create a lot of friction between people. I do not knock religion, if you find peace or whatever you are looking for, then by all means. If it works for you that is fine, it just doesn’t work for me. As far as being a better role model, I think it would be better if people would take active roles in personal life instead of music. Music is supposed to be entertaining and a way of personal expression. That is why I do not think it should be told through music. If you want my advice on something or want my direction, don’t listen to my music, come and talk to me. In my music I may just feel a certain way at that time and may not feel that way anymore later on. If you are going to teach, teach, if you are going to follow, follow. You cannot really do both at the same time.

MusicalFury – Thanks for your time and I wish you a lot of success with your career.

Foul Monday – Thank you.

You can check out some of his older mixtapes below from

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