Challace Interview

Challace Interview

Check out this interview that I did with Challace discussing the Queensbridge United album. This interview was done a little while back so I am sure that this new album will be on the way very soon. It is a similar concept to the compilation album that Nas did years back with QB’s Finest. The only difference is that this album will have some of the well known artists with up and coming as well. I am not sure of the track list yet or all of the features so stay tuned.

This is a track from the QB’s Finest album which seems very fitting for this discussion. Da Bridge 2001 was a jam that set off this classic compilation album put together by the father of Queensbridge, Nas.

There is also a website dedicated to this initiative that you can check out HERE

MusicalFury – Hey Challace, how are you?

Challace – I’m chilling man, it has been a crazy 5 days in NYC. As far as with the Queensbridge United movement.

MusicalFury – You have a new track from Metta World Peace’s album called Certified with Nashawn and Littles. Can you tell us a bit about the Queensbridge United album?

Challace – We just did K Slay, we premiered the single featuring me, littles and Dashawn. We performed at Rucker Park, we also got Prodigy and Tru Life together to dead that beef. We are starting off with a mixtape and then possibly top of the year drop a real album. We are kind of working on both but will debut the mixtape first. The album will be following up by the top of the year.

MusicalFury – Is Metta World Peace going to be rapping on the album at all or is he basically the company that is putting it out?

Challace – Yea, he is actually dropping a project right now. It should be out within a month, he has a lot of dope features. He has one called Free Your Mind with Loaded Lux and King Ali. He is on a couple of songs here and there.

MusicalFury – Do you have a release date for this album yet?

Challace – Yea, we are looking at probably the top of the year. We are on course now to dropping the mixtape.

MusicalFury – Please tell me you got Tragedy, Lakey the Kid etc…

Challace – We had to reach out, we got the OG’s support and everyone is on board. This mixtape is the younger generation like Bars N Hooks and Cryme Fam. On the album you can definitely expect the vets on there.

MusicalFury – I assume there will be all the heavy hitters from Queensbridge on this album. How did you go about getting everyone “united” for this album now that a lot of guys live in different places?

Challace – Haha, yea, well I always kept my ties with everyone from QB. We always had good relationships with everyone. The idea was always around, we tried starting this about 5 years ago but it didn’t work out at that time. A few guys came up with the idea and then it kind of died down a little bit. I contacted Metta World Peace and said hey we really have to do this. He backed it and said you go and reach out. I started hitting everybody and some guys have situations where they aren’t ready but overall everyone came together.

MusicalFury – I heard about the label a while back called the Warriors, is that the same company funding this project?

Challace – Tru Warrior was actually Metta’s label and I was an artist. Run was an artist too and we kind of revamped it. The label will actually be sayso entertainment/queensbridge entertainment. It is no longer Tru Warrior it is Warrior brand.

MusicalFury – I have interviewed a lot of guys from Queensbridge so I am trying not to ask redundant questions. But, who is your biggest influence from the neighborhood?

Challace – Well, we already know the king of Queensbridge is Nas. I was on that QB Finest album. I worked with Nas for several years and I almost potentially signed with him. Just having him let me come to the sessions before the album was done, I used to leave songs on his voicemail. I always had a beautiful relationship with Nas. That is someone that I looked up to for keeping peace and the unity.

MusicalFury – What are your goals in the near future when it comes to music, do you plan on releasing multiple compilation projects with Queensbridge artists or are you going to focus a bit on a solo career as well?

Challace – I actually have my project too that I will finally be releasing. I have been focusing on this so much and writing, doing several stuff. The mixtape I will be dropping is the payback is the
We are going to do another United version where we unit with other artists from outside of Queensbridge. The second project will be stepping out of our own realm and collaborating with other people.

MusicalFury – You have to get DMX on there.

Challace – Well I am cool with someone who is good friends with DMX so that may happen. We are going to mix it up so crazy, we can have a Game and Big Noyd joint. We are going to keep that Queensbridge sound. That is why I reached out to Havoc and got his blessing. For this album I need about 5 or 6 tracks. Expect us to have that Queensbridge sound. Shout out Alchemist too.

MusicalFury – It seems like you and Metta World Peace are good friends. Have you been in business with him since the start of basketball career?

Challace – I just had finished the QB Finest album since he got drafted to the Bulls. We always seen each other, I was in a group back in the day called Killa Kidz and we had a good run back in the day. When I did money on the QB album I changed my name to Mr. Challace. He knew me but never knew I changed my name. He was always like I like son, he is dope. Then he found out it was me and he was like oh wow. We then linked up and he was like hey come to Chicago. We were in R Kelly’s studio and ever since then haven’t looked back.

MusicalFury – What are your thoughts on the upcoming election?

Challace – Ah shit, I haven’t been really following it. I can’t vote for Trump, I don’t even care who else is running. I just hope it is someone who is going to hold our country down and keep us from going to war and shit like that.

MusicalFury – What would you say is unique about yourself that separates you from other rap artists?

Challace – Well, actually when I put this mixtape out and people hear it. I wouldn’t compare myself to Nas, I think I have my own style. I am very hip hop and very unique bringing that QB sound. At the same time I am not channeling myself to have the same sound. I try to keep myself away from being labeled a one sound artist, I am very universal. The mixtape I have CNN, Foul Monday, Neyo, Jim Jones, Compton Menace. People are going to see, I have been working on this for some time and when I deliver it I want it to be perfect. I have a lot of boom bap type sound.

MusicalFury – Do you think that production has a lot to do with whether a song is good or not? I think lyrics and delivery of an artist is important but the beat does sometimes make or break a track, in my opinion. I hate boring beats and they seem to be used way too often.

Challace – Yea, definitely. I am a big fan of that. I was just having a debate with some people about the same topic. I can’t say that is 100% true… there is a difference from being a rapper or being an artist. It does have an impact but it works both ways. Like when Sha Money just did the single for us, that beat was so impactful you know what I mean? If we get a premier joint, it is just anticipated before you hear the beat. People are like oh shit.

MusicalFury – What are your thoughts on God, are you religious?

Challace – Yes, I believe in God definitely. I pray you know what I mean. I don’t go to church all the time but I definitely believe. I was in a bad car wreck in March with my daughter and her mother and I always thank God, I am a strong believer, I would say.

MusicalFury – Artists should have creative freedom to do what they want but do you feel it is important for rap artists to have an element of positive lyrics for their audience at times to not mislead them too much?

Challace – Yes, definitely. That channels back to the kind of artist I am too. That makes a big difference. It is just the moods, you have some records that are mad where you want to let some steam out. Then you got moods where you want to see people do good and you go into a J Cole feel. I am big on that too, I don’t like an artist that is just the same thing all the time. We have to set examples for the people come up because right now they make it seem like it is cool to be a drug addict. It is a disgrace you know what I mean? Before it was a 40 oz and blunt with Wu Tang and Mobb Deep. It was cool to wear timberlands and fatigues and now skinny jeans. Just be real with yourself and not worrying about what the next people are doing. It is cool to be different but be yourself, be unique. Like when Ghostface said it, I don’t want nobody biting my style. Now everyone sounds similar, back then there was never any of that. You really had to be you or you wouldn’t last. The industry wouldn’t even accept you.

MusicalFury – That wraps up this interview, it was a pleasure speaking with you and good luck to you and Ron on the project.

Challace – Thanks man I appreciate the support. Everyone can go log onto also the instagram, twitter, youtube etc.

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