Blaq Poet Interview Pt. 2

Blaq Poet Interview Pt. 2

It has been a little while since I last caught up with Blaq Poet but being one of the strongest and meanest out of Queensbridge, he is keeping that vintage QB sound alive. Poet is a hard working guy and has been releasing albums consistently for a while now. There are not too many MC warrior savages on the mic these days so you can thank me later for giving you this update on the incredible new music that he will be releasing. Check out what new music Blaq Poet is working on and his thoughts on the upcoming MC Battle between Keith Murray and Fredro Starr.

Yes, you hear Blaq Poet on those ill Dj Premier beats but Poet will tear down any beat, better believe it.

MusicalFury – What’s new Poet?

Blaq Poet – Chillin man you know, working on different projects and doing verses for the underground cats. I am working on my solo album with DJ Strict 9 from Australia.

MusicalFury – As you already know, I am a huge fan of your music so it goes without saying that I get exciting to hear about any new music you are working on. Can you tell me a bit more about this new project?

Blaq Poet – Just some hardcore shit called Code Blaq, hitting these faggot ass MC’s in the Head representing the hood, Queensbridge + screwball. I am trying to get that out there soon.

MusicalFury – Are you able to reveal any features and/or producers who have made the album?

Blaq Poet – WC from Compton, Cormega is supposed to jump on it, got my man Comet on there that is family, Shabam Sadeeq, Tragedy Khadafi and you know, I am getting people that I fuck with on it. I am waiting for a beat from DJ Premier but he is running around doing a bunch of other shit. Hopefully that will be one of the last joints to wrap this up.

MusicalFury – Will you be going on tour to promote this one once it drops?

Blaq Poet – Yes most likely, I plan on going on tour to Europe, UK and maybe Australia. No doubt, every project you have to hit the road.

MusicalFury – Recently there were a couple highly regarded artists who passed away too early, Sean P and Hussein Fatal. Did you know both of these guys and have a chance to work with them?

Blaq Poet – Sean P, that was my dude man I knew him personally. Fatal I didn’t really know but I had a lot of respect for him and his music. Also Pumpkin Head, we loosing a lot of the golden Era MC’s it is painful.

MusicalFury – I myself was really sad to hear about them because passing away even though I didn’t really know them personally, they contributed a lot to hip hop. Hussein Fatal was one of the first people that I interviewed and was also one of my favorite artists of all time, so I am glad I got that chance.

Blaq Poet – Word.

MusicalFury – Are you still considering doing a new Screwball project?

Blaq Poet – We have a whole project we are going to drop but the old Screwball will never be the same. We are changing the whole thing over to a clothing line, going to have the boots, the belt buckle, the shirts, everything screwed up. That is how I am going to rep my man like that.

MusicalFury – Beef on wax is something that happens quite a bit in hip hop and it promotes healthy competition. Who do you think will win in the upcoming MC War battle between Keith Murray and Fredro Starr?

Blaq Poet – Haha, Keith is my man and Fredro is my man and they both dope. But I just heard some shit that Fredro about to spit at Murray and it sounds kind of hot. I haven’t really heard what Keith has yet but we will see. Keith Murray is good at making a hit record but when it comes down to battling, I don’t really look at him as a battle rapper.

MusicalFury – Would you get involved in the battle rap scene?

Blaq Poet – Nah man, I ain’t trying to battle, I am just trying to do these records man. I am not trying to become a part of that spectacle, I let them niggas do what they do and hopefully it will be good for hip hop. I would like to see some young vs. old type hip hop battles though. I saw Canibus get ate by this one guy and Canibus pulled out some rhymes from his back pocket. I was like no you can’t do that during a battle, the kid got him. That was hip hop though, Canibus is dope I am sure he may get another shot like that but right there, that other kid won. As far as me battling, someone really got to be rattling my cage. I have been trying to start shit for years and nobody really want it. If someone come at me and I feel that it is worth it, lets battle. Battle back in the days, it really used to be a battle, all this breathing in your face and pointing at you and all that, it is almost like you are fighting. My nerves aren’t ready for that, I would probably get at him for real. Stay away and you can say whatever you want to say but do not get in my face. Don’t be pointing at me and breathing all in my face I don’t play with that, I will break your nose. If you act like you about to punch me I am going to spazz, but a good battle I am all for it, I like to watch it and I like the word play.

MusicalFury – You went at different artists on the track Everybody Killer, were you trying to ignite a little battle? I have a feeling that none of those artists wanted any parts with a Blaq Poet battle.

Blaq Poet – Yea like I said, I have been trying to start shit with these dudes trying to get someone to get at me. This is hip hop man, I like to battle guys on wax and you battle back and forth on songs. That is dope, that is really dope when a motherfucker make a song about you. Face to face battling is good too but I like a diss song.

MusicalFury – Some guys really got on from beef tracks like 50 Cent and Maino.

Blaq Poet – 50 really got on from grinding hard and putting out mixtapes and all that. He was funny when he did that How to Rob, when he was talking about robbing everyone in the industry. It was funny, it wasn’t really serious but it helped with the controversy and a couple of guys like Fat Joe and some others took it to heart. He wasn’t really trying to diss them but some guys did take it personal. Lawyers really make a lot of these deals happen, 50′s lawyer was cool with Em’s manager and lawyer and all that and Eminem was feeling this guy, so he signed him.

MusicalFury – Maino had a couple of tracks that were diss tracks when he first started out that were really hot.

Blaq Poet – Yea, see Maino knows a lot of these guys personally and he knows what is going on behind the scenes so he can speak on it. Plus Maino is from the street so he can back this shit up, Maino is like a different type of animal. When he says shit about these guys you know it is true, he ain’t going to just make some lies up. Maino is a street nigga he gonna keep it 100.

MusicalFury – Ruc the Jackal (Mr. QB) put together a nice first album. Do you think that is getting the attention it deserves? It is almost like a Queensbridge compilation album based on all the features. The track you contributed to on the album was my favorite, Catch My Drift.

Blaq Poet – It would have more attention if there was a nice distributor behind it. I take my hat off to Ruc doing something for the hood, he put it together and it is poppin. That project is just as good as any project that came out of QB but it just didn’t have the same push behind it. If some dudes pushed it a little more it probably would have been a bit bigger but that shit is dope. He has the old Queensbridge mixed with the young and anything I can do to help Ruc I will do. it I can only do so much but we really need our big dogs like Nas and the Mobb Deeps to really get behind that. They support, but as far as helping son get a deal for that project, all he need is a nice little distributor and that would be a big deal. But hey, it is dope and I admire son doing it and I love that he reached out to me to do that. I am always here for anyone from the hood that is doing anything and help them pop off if I can.

MusicalFury – What is next for you after you release Code Blaq? You have been working hard getting your music out so I presume that you will continue with the same formula going forward?

Blaq Poet – Well I love the hardcore shit man, I love the hood tales and the reality rap. But also, I am older now, I feel kind of responsible and have a responsibility to the youngins coming up. I want to do more shit with a message, more with a concept. I am trying to do it in a way that I am not preaching to them but telling them how it is instead of being like the old father, they don’t want to hear it from their father. I am going to be like the old cool uncle that they will listen to. I am going to tell you how your father won’t tell you, if I don’t see you in school I am going to kick your ass. I do have some songs with messages but I have to be more responsible with my words but without being corny. Right now if I see youngins fucking up I say, you trying to be me? Nah, you have to go to school. If I say it on a song with a beat, hopefully I can reach them guys and 30 years from now they won’t be me, they will be better than me and go to school and do their work. Like what Pac was doing, he was revolutionary, he would be wildin out on one song but then the next one he will be saying something with a message that a lot of guys could really relate to. At the same time we are entertainers but we do have a responsibility because we are coming from the hood. Some guys will be like fuck that I am not a role model, but nah, if you are in hip hop you are a role model if you want to or not. Even if you don’t want that role, you should have the right attitude and realize that you do have a responsibility because a lot of young kids from the hood will be paying attention.

MusicalFury – I agree 100% and support anything that you do. I like the tracks that have a message but as you said you are also an entertainer so have to be ignorant once in a while, ha. Thanks again for your time and I wish you all the success on this next project and your career. Any last things that you want to say?

Blaq Poet – I just want to let motherfuckers know that me and Premo are always going to be cool but don’t always expect that every time you hear Blaq Poet you are going to hear me on Premo shit.

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