Billy Danze of M.O.P. Interview Pt. 2

Billy Danze of M.O.P. Interview Pt. 2

Billy Danze of M.O.P. Interview Pt. 2

I don’t think Billy Danze needs much of an introduction because most people know who M.O.P. is, especially if you are a big hip hop fan. Billy Danze is one half of the world famous group originating from Brownsville Brooklyn. Fame is the other half of M.O.P. and they are getting ready to release a brand new M.O.P. EP and Billy is also starting a campaign through Indiegogo to help support a brand new collaborative project from all the artists under his label, We Build Hits. I also have a lot of respect for Billy Danze because he is a hard working business man as well as a legendary rap artist. You can make a donation to the We Build Hits project by visiting below:

MusicalFury – What’s up Billy, how are you today?

Billy Danze – Im good man just out here working, getting the word out about Billy Danze and M.O.P.

MusicalFury – It’s been a little while since the last time we spoke, what have you been up to lately?

Billy Danze – Right now just recording the M.O.P. project and grooming my company, We Build Hits. I also have R.U.N. and what we do with that is go from country to country and allow the most serious artists from that country to submit music for with the potential of getting signed to We Build Hits. We have done this with Germany, France, Portugal and America. We have about 8,000 people involved right now.

MusicalFury – I just heard 187 from the new M.O.P. EP titled Street Certified. When is that album scheduled to drop?

Billy Danze – That will drop Halloween day. We got 187 that is the newest joint and also the Street Certified record that features Mobb Deep as another single.

MusicalFury – Is this sort of a prequel to the new M.O.P. full-length album?

Billy Danze – Exactly, that is exactly what it is. We want to warm people up and let people know that M.O.P. is coming with that shit.

MusicalFury – You also have your own label R.U.N. that stands for Raps United Nation. How many artists do you have under that label?

Billy Danze – That is not a label that is basically just a nation. The label is We Build Hits. What happened with R.U.N. is that we pull guys from around the world. We listen to everything we have and kind of choose guys from this nation and put them on We Build Hits and give them a deal.

MusicalFury – Oh ok, got it. Last time we spoke Tona was getting ready to release his debut album, how did that end up doing?

Billy Danze – That did pretty well considering he was a brand new artists. We had just done a deal with Sony Red distribution. We released it digitally around the world and people accepted it beautifully. If you go and listen to it now it is amazing and he is working on his next project now as well as the other artists on We Build Hits.

MusicalFury – Can you tell me about the IndieGogo campaign that you have going on right now?

Billy Danze – So this is basically like a fundraiser to get money to release our next project that is a compilation album with all the artists on We Build Hits. It is similar to Kickstarter but it is called indiegogo and any fans can make a contribution for whatever the contribution is that people would like to make. If someone cannot submit monetarily we would appreciate people to just spread the word. You can check it out at: We Build Hits Indiegogo

MusicalFury – You also had a mixtape with Capone from CNN to try and bring out up and coming NY artists which was a great idea. How did that come about?

Billy Danze – That is Raps United Nation so one of my partners said let’s do a NYC version. Let’s call a NYC vet, someone that has respect around the world, so we called Capone. He was willing to do it and came down so we banged it out with DJ Semi, shout out to both of them. We put that out and it is doing well and people are enjoying it. We want to empower our people not just in NY but also around the world. Just from R.U.N. we got the deal with Sony Red and we never going to stop now.

MusicalFury – Are there any up and coming NY artists that are really impressing you at the moment that your team has discovered?

Billy Danze – Well this is the first NYC project but raps united nation itself is how we found the artists that we have signed to our label with exception of Tona who is from Toronto. The roster of artists includes: Lucci Loner (Philly), Tona (Toronto), Eyeznpowa (Florida), Reign Major (California), Ronve (Atlanta), D-Dub (NYC), Money Mark (NYC) and Caktuz (North Carolina). We embrace everything from traditional hip-hop to pop music. Any DJ, Radio or anything, we have an artist that will fit any playlist. I have passion for the music and all artist working under the We Build Hits banner, when I am in artist mode and when I heard all of their music for the first time I say to myself, shit why didn’t I think of that. I really believe in every one of these artists. It is very important that we get this indigo campaign out to the people because I want to do everything in my power to get these artists where they need to be. We want to produce those records that will last forever and not many people are putting that out right now.

MusicalFury – You and Fame have released many classic albums but still have room for more because the fans never get tired of that hardcore. Are there any artists that you would like to do a song with but haven’t yet?

Billy Danze – Of course, I haven’t done a record with Rakim and haven’t done a record with Eminem or the Undercats. I have done a hook for a record with Slaughterhouse but wouldn’t mind doing a record with them.

MusicalFury – I am sure that every hip hop fanatic has their dream team collaborations that have yet to happen but one that I would personally like to see and guarantee that nobody would be mad at is M.O.P., Blaq Poet and DMX. Do you think you could make that happen, maybe even on the next M.O.P. LP?

Billy Danze – That would be amazing, hell yea I would do it in a heart beat. Both of those cats are good artists man. We just want to work with artists that are dope because it just makes you step your game up. We understand that whenever you put out a record that you cannot take that back so you have to release great music at all times. Now that you mention it, I am going to call Premier and a few other producers to see if we can make this happen.

MusicalFury – That’s incredible, if you could make that happen then you are amazing. I guarantee that hip hop heads will have a frenzy over that record. I wouldn’t even be mad if you decided to throw in Bumpy Knuckles. LOL What can fans expect from M.O.P. and yourself in the near future as far as projects or mixtapes are concerned?

Billy Danze – Well you can always expect that traditional M.O.P. sound we are going to give it to you hard as hell. On Halloween day you are going to get Street Certified and then we are going to do a full LP. Now it is just deciding between do we do the record with Blaq Poet and DMX first or do we do the Premo produced album with M.O.P. first. You will also get We Build Hits artists in between that.

MusicalFury – Thanks for your time, appreciate it as always.

Billy Danze – Thank you brother.

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