Billy Bang Interview

Billy Bang Interview

Billy Bang is a down to earth and very talented rap artist from Lefrak City Queens, same hood as Noreaga.  He has been in the streets, went to school in DC and is back in New York with a universal style that will captivate anyone from all corners of the earth.  He has a new mixtape out called Banglorious so check it out, he lays the vocals and does some of the production.


MusicalFury – What are you up to, what was the plan for the new project Banglorious?

Billy Bang – After I graduated I had a little plan to come back to NY and get some new music out there and push it. Right now I am basically getting a buzz out there now for this new project.

MusicalFury – When did you enter into the world of Hip Hop?

Billy Bang – I can say I was born into it. Hip hop is a culture, at one time I wanted to DJ to scratch and breakdance and everything encompassing the culture. People go to parties to dance and stuff. I grew up in the golden age of hip hop.

MusicalFury – Aren’t you from the same neighborhood as Noreaga AKA P.A.P.I.?

Billy Bang – Yes I am, Lefrack City.

MusicalFury – I can appreciate your music, it does not stray too far from the NYC hip hop but has its own smooth feel and a little less violent. It is also unique so it is not following the same recipe that some tend to copy. How did you get that particular style?

Billy Bang – I think going away and moving out of NY into DC I was around different culture and different demographic. I was around people from all over the world and they all brought their own culture and music and it is a mixture of cultures, a melting pot. What that did for me is help find a universal sound. Something that people can feel, if you can evoke the right feeling then people can follow. What gives me an edge on other artists is that I am very versatile, I can tap into all different styles. When you read the art of MCing, it talks about the different categories of rappers but what makes a great MC is when you can tap into all categories and be universal.

MusicalFury – I remember you did a song which was your own take on one of the lil B songs, how did that come about?

Billy Bang – Yea, that is part of the versatility. I was able to sort of capture the essence of the song but put my own spin on it.

MusicalFury – Who were some of your main influences?

Billy Bang – That is hard to answer, I like so many different types of music. Different stages, I like music from different eras and different genres. In school I had cats from the bay that were putting me on to that bay area music and then all these other artists from other cities in the US which helped expand my creatively. I am not going to lie though because I feel I got the lyrical ability from NY listening to Nas, Jadakiss and other lyrical artists from that time. I got endless flow and you can check that out on the Banglorious mixtape.

MusicalFury – What things inspire you? What inspired you to do music and what inspires you in general?

Billy Bang – Only one thing that inspires me is life. I am not going to lie, that is my number one inspiration. Whatever I am going through in life effects the music. If I want to party or am down, it is all about emotion, that is plenty of inspiration, everyday shit. Rap is like an outlet, something to do and you take pride in creating a skill. You are like God, a creator, build something into a feeling for someone who doesn’t know you from a whole in the wall.

MusicalFury – What does a guy like yourself do for fun in NY when you have down time?

Billy Bang – What I do for fun? Mainly just making music and fucking with bitches and the strip clubs.

MusicalFury – Initially when I first heard about you, you were being managed by Lakey The Kid who had a collaborative album called the 41st Side and the album featuring Cormega along with a heavy mixtape presence. What is Lake up to these days?

Billy Bang – Basically just bossing up, focusing on 848 the company and focusing on me the artist. That is my bro though so we click. A lot of shows we are doing in NY and we are helping each other grow.

MusicalFury – how did you cross paths with Lake?

Billy Bang – in the street, he was fucking with a cat that was messing with Noreaga called Final Chapter. I finally met him in 08 in the summer time, we started building and it just clicked ever since.

MusicalFury – What is 848?

Billy Bang – It is our company and it is the movement, I am representing the west side of Queens. You got Lefrak, Queensbridge, Ravenswood, Southside etc.. It is different things, management, production all under 848 global, the whole westside queens movement. Us having our own culture and our own story to tell. 848 is a penal code for kingpin charges and Lake is a G so he extends all over. He has a global presence because he was at one time working with Suge Knight in the west coast on Death Row east and with Jo Jo Capone in Chicago who he had affiliation with.

MusicalFury – Is being a rap artists your main focus right now or are you set out to do something else?

Billy Bang – I majored in Film and production and rapping was something that I was working on. I want to stay close to the atmosphere that I love. I had a radio show and took the knowledge from there and learned how to engineer music and produce. I act too, I was in two independent films.

MusicalFury – I saw a preview of a new show coming out, what was that?

Billy Bang – I shot a pilot for a series called Southside which has Method Man and Treach from Naughty by Nature in it.

MusicalFury – Are you happy with the current state of hip hop? I think that there is a good mixture out but I can admit that I was upset with the mainstream for a while though because of lack of creativity and talent.

Billy Bang – I don’t really care. I am hip hop so I don’t care.

MusicalFury – What are your religious views? Are you a very spiritual person or more of an agnostic view?

Billy Bang – I am spiritual, I am not really religious.

MusicalFury – Thanks for your time.

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