Beretta 9 Interview

Beretta 9 Interview

Beretta 9 also known as Kinetic started off as an MC in the Wu-Tang affiliate group Killarmy with RZA’s younger brother 9th Prince and others including Shogun Assassin, Islord, PR Terrorist and Killa Sin. He has always been close to RZA and featured on some of RZA’s solo albums as well as mixtapes. Under RZA’s Tutelage, he studied as a seasoned MC as well as producer. Since inception of the group Killarmy, they have released three highly acclaimed albums under Wu Tang Records/Priority/EMI. He still is an MC and Producer but also an actor with most recent work in Django Unchanged.

Beretta 9 AKA Kinetic

MusicalFury – How’s it going, what have you been up to lately?

Beretta 9 – I am doing just fine. Steady grinding as always. Currently in my hometown Wintersville, Ohio. Where I am pretty much a recluse.

MusicalFury – You released some highly praised albums throughout your career with the last Killarmy album being Fear, Love & War. Why did you guys decide to not release any more music as a group?

Beretta 9 – I think everyone knows that answer. My crew was occasionally in & out of the big house. It definitely made doing a Killarmy album difficult. Especially when you got lyricist like Killa Sin locked down.

MusicalFury – Can you tell me about your latest music projects today including Achozen with RZA and Shavo from System of a Down? That is an interesting mix.

Beretta 9 – Yes it is an interesting mix. I’m just featured on it as an artist pretty much. When asked to provide vocals I did just that.

MusicalFury – This isn’t to be disrespectful at all because Killarmy did create a legacy in hip hop but why didn’t you guys capitalize more off of that like how Wu Tang branched out and all signed solo deals?

Beretta 9 – I think question number 2 pretty much answered that in an eggshell. LOL

MusicalFury – You have done very well for your career though and have worked with RZA on the Kill Bill project, how did that opportunity even come about?

Beretta 9 – Just sticking around the Abbot pretty much

MusicalFury – Are you looking to focus more on your acting career right now or do you evenly split your focus on acting and music?

Beretta 9 – I am focusing on both. Both have been a flair of mine for quite some time. I love the craft of both.

MusicalFury – You got yourself a role as Franklin in the Django Unchanged movie, that is a huge step in the right direction for an acting career. What was your experience being in a big movie like that and what roles are you casting for at the moment?

Beretta 9 – It was a great experience. Being somewhat part of an all-star cast. Working with the brilliant Q.T. and good friend.

MusicalFury – Do you plan to release a solo project in the near future? I know there are a lot of diehard Killarmy fans that are probably thirsty for some new music.

Beretta 9 – I hear that a lot. I am fairly young still. So when the time is right. I have an arsenal of music in my archives.

MusicalFury – Can you tell me a little bit about your company Shell and Bomb Productions LLC? What made you decide to form this business and what are your goals?

Beretta 9 – Its inclusive of artist, songwriters, producers, engineers, touring, merchandising, & so on. I feel it is best to create my very own platform as to showcase my talents and the talents of others.

MusicalFury – Wu Tang Clan is working on a 20-year anniversary album A Better Tomorrow as well as a unique offering of their new single CD release Once Upon a Time in Shaolin that will be auctioned off. Have you been a part of either of these projects?

Beretta 9 – NO

MusicalFury – As an MC, what are your thoughts on the Battle Rap scene and how that is blowing up a bit with Total Slaughter?

Beretta 9 – I haven’t really been following the battle scene. To each its own.

MusicalFury – What are your religious beliefs? Are you one who is passionate about learning how we got here and what happens when we die or do you sort of just accept things and don’t get too curious about all of that?

Beretta 9 – My belief to that is rely on nothing but my self. I am for sure a fan of KNOWLEDGE. I love to learn new things. Not so much as to where I need to be adamant.

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An actor in Django Unchanged:

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  1. wow i used to love the group Killarmy they were a talented group. Definitely didn’t know B9 was in django!!

  2. These guys haven’t released music in years it seems, its unfortunate…

  3. YO beretta 9 was one of my favorite out of killarmy. Too bad they stopped making music as a group but I did hear him on a bunch of RZA’s projects.

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