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Casanova – Stay Safe Tho

NYC rappers are becoming popular again, it seems everyone is coming to the realization that some of the best hip hop music that was ever created came out of New York. It is not an opinion, it is fact. A new comer in NY is a guy named Casanova who
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Raekwon – Purple Brick Road

Raekwon releases a classic new track and video for Purple Brick Road from his upcoming album titled The Wild. Raekwon is showing you all that he hasn’t lost the fly lingo that set him apart from a lot of rappers. I am not certain who G-Eazy even is but if
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Mysonne = Animal MC

I have been saying this for years that Mysonne should be one of the next guys to blow up big league. He is an incredible lyricist and it seems like he can go on for days. He is also one of those rappers who does not try to glorify the
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