Word One Interview

Word One Interview

I had a chance to catch up with DMX’s new artist Word One to provide some details on the new music fans can expect. Word One is signed to DMX’s Bloodline records imprint and you will surely be in for a treat once he starts dropping new music. The dog doesn’t sign just anyone so pay attention to this guy…

DMX announces Word One as new artist to Bloodline Records

Word One – Act Up

MusicalFury – How’s it going?

Word One – Good, I’m blessed.

MusicalFury – You are the new signee to DMX’s Bloodline records, how did this come about?

Word One – We met on tour and then he ah, he had me spit some verses for him and he was digging it. We got to hang out and had a few slices and he became a fan of how I rhymed. We linked up again in Houston and then he let it be known that it is what he wanted for me to be put on to Bloodline. I also met him through our management, Montana.

MusicalFury – The reason why I think this is a really good situation for you is because DMX would not cosign an artist who is not authentic. How does it feel to be signed to the dog?

Word One – It feels good, I love it.

MusicalFury – You are born in Los Angeles but grew up in NYC, is that correct?

Word One – Correct, I grew up all over, lived in Harlem, Queens, the Bronx, Albany, Schenectady, Troy, all over NY.

MusicalFury – What artists have influenced you?

Word One – Busta Rhymes, Rakim, DMX, Eminem, Wu Tang, Tribe Called Quest.

MusicalFury – How long have you been making music? What were you doing before you became a recording artist?

Word One – I have been making music since I was 8 years old and been doing this for a while. I have always been a recording artist. My entire teenage life and adult life I have been doing this and was on my first tour when I was 15. I have done other things also to make a living, you know hustling and all that but was always an artist.

MusicalFury – Now that you are signed to DMX’s label, when do you plan to have an album out?

Word One – I mean I have to put that in the hands of the power that be. I have a mixtape coming out this year and then maybe by the end of the summer. Once the mixtape is out and ready to be released to the people but as far as a release for the actual album I couldn’t tell you.

MusicalFury – I am assuming that you are probably touring with DMX and opening for his shows?

Word One – Correct.

MusicalFury – That is probably the best promotion that you can get. If you are touring I assume you may have amassed a decent amount of music?

Word One – Yea of course, mm hmm.

MusicalFury – With your experience being on tour with DMX, what is the craziest thing that you have seen? Doesn’t have to be something that DMX did but maybe a crazy fan or something…

Word One – Man I can’t even call it, I have seen all types of stuff. I have seen fans do everything. I had a fan that was ready to have sex with me on the tour bus just to get the sweater off of my back.

MusicalFury – Are you going to try and have a lot of features on your debut LP or do you want to have mainly use that platform to show people what you are capable of?

Word One – Nah, people are going to see what I am capable of regardless. As far as artist that I want to work with it all depends on what tracks make the album. I have a list of artists that I do want to work with but I want it to be authentic sounding, got to be official. But, I would have to narrow down that bucket list of who at that time that fits and who would sound the most organic. Pleasing the fans is top of mind for me.

MusicalFury – What is the name of the new mixtape you are working on?

Word One – Best of Freestyles Vol 3, Ruff Ryders addition. It will be released before the summer period but not sure exactly when. I might have to just drop it on em without a specific date.

MusicalFury – Lastly, for my curiosity, what are your spiritual or religious beliefs?

Word One – I believe in God but I am not restricted to one particular denomination. I don’t need to be brainwashed into this and that. I can crack open the Bible the same way that anyone else can.

MusicalFury – I appreciate your time and I foresee good things for you in the near future.

Word One – Thank you, I appreciate that.

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