Pretty Ugly Interview

Pretty Ugly Interview

Musicalfury had a chance to catch up with the Philadelphia native, Pretty Ugly. Pretty Ugly is one of those MC’s that other artists were scared of him making it big time because he is a threat to MC’s. It was exciting to be able to catch up with him and to give the fans a chance to understand what he has been up to lately and what he plans to release musically in the near future. He has collaborated with some of the most respected hip hop artists in the game (Ghostface Killah, 50 Cent, Hi-Tek, Tragedy Khadafi, Royce Da 5’9″… to name a few) off the strength of his underground buzz. The Grand Theft Auto video game even used some of his lyrics…

MusicalFury – I know it is your birthday today so happy birthday. How is your day going?

Pretty Ugly – Thank you, same old same old laying low playing it slow.

MusicalFury – I never heard the story, how did the name Pretty Ugly come about?

Pretty Ugly – Oh well, actually people were calling me pretty boy all the time and I never looked at myself like that. When I got introduced to the streets they were like this pretty nigga kind of ugly. I was going to use it as a group name but then I just used it for myself.

MusicalFury – What is new for you music wise in 2016?

Pretty Ugly – I mean I have a lot of new stuff coming. I am working with a lot of different people just trying to get back to where I am supposed to be. It is a shock to me to see how the music has changed and I have to be the original me. I am very self conscience about some of the things that I write and I definitely have some shit coming. I have to be careful of what I say today and everything has to be right.

MusicalFury – You have worked with some a lot of highly regarded artists and even released a song directed at Jay-Z. Why haven’t you had the opportunity yet to release an official album?

Pretty Ugly – Because man, now a days people be undercover hating. Everyone look at me like I am a start and don’t look at me like a rapper. Everyone is trying to like cock block my music. Even people that I know are funny sometimes, my business is definitely not right.

MusicalFury – There are some great artists from Philly, do you all have some level of respect for each other or is it very competitive?

Pretty Ugly – I mean when it comes to me I respect the spitters and respect Philly. I love my city and they call me like a big foot, they call me legendary. I don’t even like having that status and when you aren’t really in the limelight then it is hard to accept that. I laid my flag down.

MusicalFury – I think the first time I heard you was on a track with Tragedy Khadafi.

Pretty Ugly – Yea, they took my accapella and stretched it, those are the same lyrics that are on the Grand Theft Auto video game.

MusicalFury – Who actually approached you to have your lyrics on the video game?

Pretty Ugly – I don’t know I was kind of on the run and I wasn’t sure what was going on.

MusicalFury – With the way that main stream hip hop is today, do you feel it will be easy for an artist of your stature to fit in?

Pretty Ugly – Of course, I fit in easy and my music is timeless. Even if they put me in the 80′s I would still be catching wreck. I can’t stand singing every dam song though like they do today. I can do a little harmonizing on a couple of hooks but I can’t do the signing and the auto tuning, that is a bit much.

MusicalFury – A lot of artists who are smart have very successful careers as independent artists. Do you feel you will go more the underground route as opposed to trying to be the next Drake?

Pretty Ugly – Um, I am going to stay in my lane. Like I said I stay underground but my crossover is deadly. I can do it all, I can do it all, just need a chance. If you give someone a chance and put a little money behind them then it will come to light. I like Meek and all but he caters to the south music. He can do that but to be honest the trap music is for the trap. Trap music is from the south, I don’t really do that type of music.

MusicalFury – What are your thoughts about some of the artists who are seeing success in the main stream? Do you think that they are deserving of their success or do you think that they are getting a free ride because they fit that cookie cutter mold?

Pretty Ugly – No, no I am going to be honest. Some artists I can’t lie and I won’t mention any names but a lot of artists put in a lot of work and still maintain their craft. Some of these dudes come out with the bubble gum music and the beat is hot, next thing you know it is the greatest thing since sliced bread and that shit is corny. I don’t understand that and I feel that I am wasting my time, how can you compete with this bullshit?

MusicalFury – What is it that inspires you the most to make music and what gets you motivated in general?
Pretty Ugly – Listening to all these fake ass niggas taking all my money. It is like they are robbin me, I am being robbed here. I listen to this music and it is like this can’t be what I represent. But hey, I can’t knock anyone for working harder to me. It be like this niggas got 90% grind and 10% talent and I got 90% talent and 10% grind.

MusicalFury – If things go your way and you to attain the success that allows you to make a living off of hip hop, what are your long term goals?

Pretty Ugly – Oh as far as once I make it? If I get the money my goal is to actually start my own label. I want to have a realistic label and have a home base back in Philly. I want to help everybody because I know how hard it is and if you are passionate about what you do you have to practice and just get better and better. I have been rich and I have been poor, I don’t have to be a star and I just want to be ok, have a nice crib and be able to maintain. I think a lot of these guys are insecure because they never had money and then once they get it they just wild out. Who buys a million dollar car? Even if I hit the lotto I wouldn’t buy a million dollar car… well I am lying, I probably would get a really nice car. But, I just want to employ a lot of people.

MusicalFury – The Founder of Facebook is planning on giving away a lot of his profits and it seems that it is inspired by having a baby. He feels that giving the money away will allow the world to be a better place because it will help fund more research and development. Do you think that giving away billions of dollars is a smart move?

Pretty Ugly – Why not? They are going to take it anyway. You can’t take it when you go and his money is unlimited. He has limitless money at this point, why the fuck not? I can’t even put oprah in that category, he really is not losing, that is just an act of kindness or generosity I guess, maybe it is a sign from God.

MusicalFury – I like that answer and even with him giving away 99% of his profits he will still be very wealthy.

Pretty Ugly – Yea exactly. Money can get pretty much anything done in this world. It is messed up, nobody is helping anyone. I have a first cousin, I never asked him for a dollar and I was trying to get back in the game and he didn’t want to help me. This guy is in the NBA, I couldn’t get a phone number or something? Then I hear he gave away a lot of money to a charity and he could have helped his fam out. I never asked him for a dollar, I just asked for a connect. Meanwhile he is giving $50K to people he don’t even know.

MusicalFury – I think having children really change the ideology of a lot of people because they do start to think a bit more about the future and the well being of their offspring. Do you have any plans for giving back to the community?

Pretty Ugly – Well, I would definitely open up a studio for artists that are trying to develop and take their craft seriously. If I had a shitload of money I would try to build a school. That would be my legacy. I want to be an innovator but at this point I would like to leave a legacy like that by buying a school and have your name on it, something positive that is for the greater good of the community.

MusicalFury – Amen to that. Do you believe in a higher power? What are your religious beliefs?

Pretty Ugly – Yes, I believe in Allah and I am Muslim. I believe in Jesus too, I just don’t think he is God.

MusicalFury – I want to thank you for your time and I hope that your career in the music business is a successful one. Any updates you want to give to fans on any upcoming music?

Pretty Ugly – I have some stuff coming out with DCM, shout out DCM. Menza, dude has been holding me down and trying to rock out with me from day one. All of Philly and everyone trying to do it and that is about it man. I want them to know I am here and never left. Thank you and I appreciate the interview.

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