Nature Interview

Nature Interview

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Queensbridge veteran Nature and getting some details about his recent signing to Infamous Records, Prodigy’s imprint. This seems to be a real good strategic move for him so happy for the success he will have. Check out what he has up his sleeve for 2015.

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MusicalFury – How you doing?

Nature – Everything is good, it is a new year and new situation so everything is good with me.

MusicalFury – Congrats on getting signed to Prodigy’s Infamous Records label. How did that come about?

Nature – Prodigy and his people showed interest a few months back and offered me a situation. I wasn’t 100% sure it was right for me at the time but then 6 or 7 months later the situation presented itself again and it seemed like it was a dope move and good for hip hop.

MusicalFury – You started recording on a major label for the Firm album that consisted of you, Nas, AZ and Foxy Brown. I assume you were rapping way before this?

Nature – Yes, I have been rapping since a kid, ever since I can remember. All through school and around town when hip hop was just becoming something. It was breakdancing, graffiti and rapping and I fell in love with all three of them.

MusicalFury – How did The Firm link up with Dr. Dre who was over on the west coast?

Nature – We were coming off the heels of the whole east vs west beef thing and Dre had just left his label. He didn’t really have a bonified situation at the time and it just came together and was like a dream come true. It was my first time going to cali and my first time meeting dre. I asked him stories about Tupac and Snoop and it was really a good time.

MusicalFury – I certainly don’t want to dwell on the past but why was the Firm just a one off album? You would think a group with that caliber of MC’s would connect again at least once more to drop another LP.

Nature – That is a good question, I just think that it was a smart business move we were trying to do and I don’t think anyone else was thinking of it to just be a one album thing. It was already going on even before me and Cormega was actually involved in it before hand. I don’t think it was structured for longevity but I think it was a dope idea and we got the project together pretty fast. There were also big discrepancies between the artists and the record label on how directional things for the project so then it just kind of dissolved afterwards.

MusicalFury – You’re first solo album For All Seasons released on Columbia records was critically acclaimed, how was this received by the fans?

Nature – It was good and every artist would want that chance. It was definitely received well and cool for me to put out a project, not just for the fact that it was released on a major label either. There was only one video for my first album and not a lot of radio play at the time but as far as the streets it was received very well.

MusicalFury – The last full-length album you released was Pain Killers back in 2008 and most recently you have been releasing seasons changed EPs in 13/14. What was the reason for the hiatus?

Nature – I wasn’t really sure exactly what I wanted to do, not really knowing what direction I wanted to do it. Instead of pursuing another situation I was staying active with my friends and still making music so sometimes you don’t really realize how much time is passing. Then I came up with the idea to put the EPs out and keep my name out there a little while longer.

MusicalFury – Who would you say in your opinion is Queensbridge’s Finest?

Nature – I would say me. It is kind of hard though there are a lot of great MC’s from QB.

MusicalFury – Now that you are signed to Infamous Records, when do you plan to release your next album?

Nature – Not exactly sure, probably towards the middle of the year, maybe the summer time. I have some other things coming out before that.

MusicalFury – I have a good feeling that some of your album will have Havoc and Alchemist production on it, what other producers would you aim to get on there?

Nature – That is what I am hoping on to get Havoc and Alchemist but I am not trying to do a Mobb Deep album. They have their own sound and they do a lot of the things themselves, create their own sound. I am a friend and a fan of these guys. Coming up in Queensbridge Mobb Deep were a big part of bringing Queensbridge back. A lot of people will probably say Nas but Mobb Deep actually came out before Nas.

MusicalFury – Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s when you first came out, there was a lot of fierce competition out there. Are you impressed with the newer generation of rappers that are out?

Nature – Not so much, I mean I don’t try to sound bitter. As you get older there will always be a comparison similar to like Ali and Tyson were getting compared. Sometimes you are just missing that something, that one thing that makes a sandwich a sandwich. Hip hop has so many different faces now and in so many places. I can’t say I am mad at it and once in a while you will get a dope MC.

For the most part I try to keep my ear to the street and do what I do. When I came into the game there were so many MC’s out of NY alone, all you had to do is find a DJ Clue mixtape to see who was hot. Shout out to all the Bobby Schmurda’s and the newer generation that are out now though.

MusicalFury – Mainstream hip hop had skinny jean problem for a short period but it seems people are beginning to shut that bullshit down pretty quick, what do you think? I noticed that that is sort of fading away from hip hop or at least creating it’s own genre of what is now coined hip pop. Not authentic hip hop…

Nature – There was always something, people will get shit for trying to do something different. 20 years ago we had Outkast and everyone was trying to figure out why they dressed the way they dressed but their music was so great people wouldn’t care as much. I am not a skinny jean rapper but at the end of the day you do what you do. At the end of the day I don’t want my kids to look at me like that isn’t my daddy haha.

MusicalFury – One thing that I always like to ask artist the first time I interview them is their religious beliefs. Do you care to talk about your beliefs or disbeliefs in a higher power?

Nature – No, I don’t go to church but I do have a belief that there is a higher power out there. I try not to get caught up too much with things I am not sure of but try to be a good person. I believe in karma, doing right with positive energy and I am not a saint.

MusicalFury – You seem to take an Agnostic approach to religion and to believe in a higher power.

Nature – You could maybe say I am agnostic.

MusicalFury – Thank you for your time, look forward to your new music.

Nature – Definitely, and I am going to drop all the Season’s Changed EPs as a single LP so you can check for that in February to be released. Then the new album on Infamous Records will follow that.

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