Mike Delorean Interview

Mike Delorean Interview

MusicalFury caught up with Mike Delorean from Bars & Hooks to understand what he has been working on and how it is going as a solo artist. He is an MC hailing from Queensbridge, the Infamous housing projects in Long Island City Queens. In this interesting interview, Mike Delorean reveals how he was signed to Prodigy of Mobb Deep’s music label and how he was also sought out by the likes of Chris Lighty, Jimmy Henchmen and Mike Tyson at one time. Although he is cool with one of QB’s most legendary artists, Nas, that wasn’t always the case. He dated Remi Martin, shared girls with DMX while on tour and rubbed elbows with some of the greatest rappers in the game. Check it out!!

MusicalFury – Hey Mike, how are you?

Mike Delorean – I am chillin, I just finished rolling a blunt.

MusicalFury – Let’s start out with the name, how did you get the name Mike Delorean?

Mike Delorean – I got my name from Cormega actually, he told me that my name should be Mike Delorean.

MusicalFury – What inspired you to become a rapper?

Mike Delorean – Once I started listening to Boogie Down Productions and NWA, that is what really inspired me in the beginning. I heard these niggas cursing and that was really crazy to me. I am a huge fan of everything though, even the Jerkey Boys. Music really takes me back sometimes, when I hear certain songs and see the music videos.

MusicalFury – I think one of the first recordings that introduced you to the world was the track with Cormega going at Nas and Nature, was that the first time you got on a record? I remember back then hearing that record I was pretty impressed.

Mike Delorean – Hell no, I used to go to the studio sessions back in the days and record. I used to go to LES crib, he is the one who made some beats for Nas. I was also in the studio sometimes when Blaq Poet and rapper Noyd were recording.

MusicalFury – What new music have you been working on? Is an official Mike Delorean solo album in the works?

Mike Delorean – Hell yea, I never really got to be a solo artist so you will definitely hear some new music from me in the near future. After Bars & Hooks I wanted to do a solo career because I never really had that chance. I used to work with Prodigy and when Prodigy came out as a solo artist he had to basically start fresh as a new artist. Same with Busta Rhymes, he left his group and then went solo, had to start fresh and then took off to another level.

MusicalFury – Are you focusing more on your solo career right now or are you still working on music for Bars N Hooks?

Mike Delorean – No, we are still working together but he is working on his project too, we are both doing our solo thing right now. In addition to recording music I am also working on some other things. I have a play in the works called the Bench, every child has a second home and in my hood the benches was our second home. I want to focus some of my attention on my acting skills. I just want to be like an all around teacher when it comes to making music though. I got a lot of respect for Littles and was going to call my next album the teaching, kind of how Littles had the Feeding.

MusicalFury – I like that, Mike Delorean the teacher, I think you can pull that off. You released your first album as Bars & Hooks almost 10 years ago, the Most Notorious, did you record any other material after that as a group? I was thinking there may have been a follow up soon after but I believe you and Mr. Bars went your separate ways as far as making music?

Mike Delorean – A lot of shit changed as far as we weren’t on that level of artistry yet, we didn’t reach that status yet. We were still catching cases and hustling and what not. Shit is real out there. We suffer from what all QB artists suffer from, we don’t have the management we need to get us to that next level. We all know Nas, we all know Mega etc… and we lean on them for guidance but once Mega has an issue with Nas or this one has an issue with that one, we don’t have no manager to turn to because we are relying on each other.

MusicalFury – According to Prodigy in his book, Twinz from Infamous Mobb had put you and Mr. Bars on to Prodigy and said he needed to sign you. You were once signed to Prodigy’s label Infamous Records at one point, why didn’t that ever materialize?

Mike Delorean – That nigga Twin helped me a lot. He and his brother were dancing back in the days and they were always tight with Mobb Deep and Noyd lived right under them. In the beginning I was around P for a whole year before I brought Bars around. People would get mad that P would treat me better than bars but that is because I knew him before hand. He loved Twin and I got introduced to him by Twin. Prodigy used to come around and listen to my demo tape, me and P used to be together every day and then I actually moved in together with P. Once I got to be really good friends with P nobody fronted on P. When Prodigy was with me he would walk through the hood chest naked with his chain on. We had a little falling out at one point but everything is cool with Prodigy and me right now.

MusicalFury – I know you are probably anticipating a beef question from Prodigy but any issues you had with him after he released that “Infamous” tell all book is pretty much water under the bridge (pun intended) at this point I assume?

Mike Delorean – Yea, we are cool now, no real issue with P and I. When I met Prodigy I used to be with Remy Martin, I was with her before she started fucking with Papoose.

MusicalFury – Why does there seem to be so much bad blood between Queensbridge artists? Even 50 Cent spit a line about smells like Queensbridge referring to all the drama…

Mike Delorean – Well, I was cool with a lot of the rappers in QB but there is little stuff here and there. For instance, me and Nas had an issue one time, he got out of character a little bit when he was drunk. He tried to throw a drink on me so I choked his ass out and they blackballed me, he didn’t put me on the QB Finest album. That is why Bars & Hooks isn’t on the QB Finest album, we did a song with Alchemist for that album and then when it came time to put the finishing touches on it they said they couldn’t afford the beat. The people that wanted to be friends with Nas in the hood didn’t want to be friends with me and I kind of became the outcast because of that situation for a little while.

I am going to tell you a quick story… I am from QB and I used to hang out with Mobb Deep all the time. Havoc went to do a song with Charli Baltimore, ever since I was small I used to help him out with his rhymes and shit. We went to Charli Baltimore’s studio and Havoc said to me, I need you to write me a rhyme and I am going to pay you. Then he said matter of fact, you say that, it sounds good when you say that shit. Havoc fell asleep and I spit the verse and everyone was going crazy. There were a few big guys in the industry that were interested in signing me after I created a little buzz. I had Un Diaz who called Violator and they were like who is this kid Mike Deloreon? They said they want to sign me and then Chris Lighty came and was like whats up man I want to set up a meeting. Some of my people told me go see what they have to say. I got back to the Mobb Deep studio and we were in the lounge with another rapper Mysonne just chillin and then Chris Lighty gave me money and said don’t go meet with those other guys. Every time I saw him he gave me money, I was only about 16 I think. It was me, Chris and the lawyer and they gave me like a little demo deal. They told me I could sign right there, even though my mother wasn’t there and they gave me a demo deal. That kind of fizzled out a little bit because we never ended up having that second meeting. This is around the time that Shyne signed to Bad Boy and there was a lot of tension everywhere. Jimmy Henchman came to Queensbridge one day and was looking for us, he thought our music was hot. Two weeks later he ended up violating parole and going to jail. This all happened simultaneously after Un Diaz and Chris Lighty were also trying to sign us. Eventually, Jimmy Henchman’s brother flew us to Las Vegas to go see Mike Tyson. I got to meet Mike Tyson and we were there for about two hours hanging out. I told them I don’t really want to be down with a boxer and they didn’t really like that too much. On the way back to the airport Prodigy called and he was like you don’t need those guys, I want to sign y’all. I told him being from QB you got first dibs and all that. We never had a big record deal and it was just me and Bars working in Prodigy’s crib trying to bang out records. But after everything fell through with Prodigy we were basically back to the hood.

Nas came to our session after he was at Baby Sham’s to come and see us. I think Nas was a little jealous that Prodigy signed some guys from the hood and could potentially make good money off of our deal. So, Nas ended up getting a session right next door to ours and he was with his friends the Bravehearts. This is when Nas started acting a little drunk and things got a little out of hand so I ended up choking him a little bit. The next day he then called me to see if I wanted to do a song, just to feel it out to see if there was any beef, you know what I mean? He realized that there wasn’t really any beef after what happened and then we ended up not even doing the song. It wasn’t until Jungle came back to the hood that he and I got mad tight with each other. When I went to the Illmatic concert they sat me right next to Nas’ pops. I kind of regret that diss track I did with Cormega though because I was so young. I wanted to ask Cormega why did you have this young nigga make beef with someone and then you go and make peace with him? That put me in a bad spot because Nas was really influential in the music business and I could have burned a bridge right there. Luckily today Nas and Jungle are both my niggas.

I was also on the Survival of the Illest tour with DMX, Swizz, Onyx, Keith Murray etc… Me and DMX had bitches together, me and Ja Rule used to sleep in the same room on tour. I seen all the money that was in music and it really motivated me. I got $20,000 from signing to Prodigy’s label. I used to handle all the business for me and Bars. I went to his house and said to him you got money, he was like nah, ok well now you got $10 G’s. I always had my own money though because I was a hustler. I couldn’t focus on the streets and music though so then I tried to focus all my attention on the music. But like I said, it got to a point when I was blackballed and also wasn’t hustling anymore so I was stuck. But today, at this point in my life I am progressing to where I can sit in my studio now and relax and be stable.

MusicalFury – You got involved with Lakey the Kidd on the 848 mixtape when Lake got together with Suge Knight for Death Row East. How did that come about and did you plan on releasing an 848 album or was that more or less just to showcase the talent of the individuals?

Mike Delorean – Lake dropped the 41st side album and then got locked up. I was on three songs on that album. All the people they got on there was really just scared of Lakey, they really just did it out of fear like let me do a free verse for this gangster. The reason I got involved was that one day he was in the hood and had a tour bus with nobody on it. He asked me if I wanted to go on tour and I was like hell yea. After Lake beat his case nobody really wanted to help him. I helped him because he was asking if we could record the 848 mixtape at my crib. We did a few songs and did a video that he put me in it, you know what I mean? I was a producer on that shit too, that is how that all came about. It was a good experience but wasn’t something I wanted to be tied down to. Nobody like Suge Knight so I am glad I didn’t get too involved with that. That 848 is Lake’s shit but that is my nigga though.

MusicalFury – What are your thoughts on the Illuminati in the music industry or entertainment industry in general? You hear a lot of conspiracy theories going on about celebrities that turn down the membership so to speak and then their careers start going downhill and there are all sorts of smear campaigns happening. Have you ever had experience with this or think there is any truth in that?

Mike Delorean – Hell yea, look at Prodigy. That nigga’s career went down right after the cover of the Source magazine. He talked about the wrong shit and then he began getting blackballed. He was talking about Jay-Z around the time Jay was having that Live Nation deal go down so they were like we can’t have Prodigy talking about him. People like Aliyah wasn’t down with that stuff either and I think that Will Smith would have been dead already if he wasn’t down with it. Reputation is everything and Nas was actually mad at Will Smith because he did 5 Degrees of Separation and got a million dollars to kiss a white man on the screen.

MusicalFury – What are your thoughts on a higher power, do you dwell on that subject much or are you more on the Agnostic side? I personally believe in God but understand that there is evil in the world especially when you have forces like ISIS who are rebelling in foreign territory and committing atrocious crimes.

Mike Delorean – I went to a Christian school and was one of the only black boys in that school. I love God and I am passionate about it. God got me through a lot of shit, I read the proverbs and I really respect the BIBLE. I know there is some God up there, I don’t know what he look like but I am going to call him God.

MusicalFury – I really appreciate your time and I hope that your music gets the attention that it deserves. Any last words?

Mike Delorean – There ain’t no rapper from Queensbridge that doesn’t know Mike Deloreon, I have the biggest family out in QB. I just want to go down as a stand up nigga and want people to know that when they put you in the ground, you went down a real nigga. If you die a bitch ass nigga, that shit don’t count for nothing.

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