Littles Interview

Littles Interview

I got a chance to catch up with Littles, a guy that managed Mobb Deep, learned the music industry and milked it for all it is worth. He is still sucking on the nipple too because he continues to milk it and made himself a successful career. He started out as a hustler from the streets because that is all he knew but as he grew and became wiser, he became much more cultured and his wisdom grew stronger. Now he is rubbing elbows with the likes of Raekwon, Puff Daddy, Ice T and Coco, French Montana, Maino etc.. etc.. etc..

I have a lot of respect for this guy because he was a manager, a rapper, a behind the scenes director and promoter that has basically done it all. He enjoys being behind the scenes but is about to come back out in the spotlight with a new album. More details on the album to come soon but it is a serious project that he is getting support by Converse, the Brand. Check out what he has been up to lately and keep your eyes out for his new solo project.

New Track Called Certified from the Queensbridge United Project

MusicalFury – What’s going on?

Littles – Everything has been going good, it has been a good year. I am actually back in the studio. I am 30 records in, I kind of walked away from the rap game in 2005. I walked out the booth and never returned.

MusicalFury – Why is that?

Littles – It was a split with Mobb Deep and I was going through a lot of personal stuff. I had a case and a girlfriend sort of got me in trouble. Now I am in the south, I enjoy living down here. I conquered NY to the record DJ’s and everyone that made sense. When I finally got past all the stupid shit I felt like I needed a change. I don’t regret anything but I have changed a lot. At the time, the whole situation made me lose my appetite a bit and then me and Mobb Deep went separate ways and I sort of lost my passion for the music for a bit.

MusicalFury – You had a number of mixtapes out in the past and made some serious contributions to the whole QB movement. What have you been up to lately as far as music or business?

Littles – Business since the last 6 years or so I have created an online marketing company by chance. Raekwon had come to me with Only Built 4 Cuban Linx part 2. He had been disassociated with the game for some time. He had seen a lot of the moves I was making when I was with Mobb Deep. We worked out a deal that he would give me his album release party and I would be a conduit for him with the press, DJ’s or whatever I can do to help funnel Cuban Linx pt 2. I wound up being one of the main ones spearheading his marketing and awareness for Cuban Linx. It was like my baby, it was thrown in my lap. I had over 7K contacts in my phone and just plugged away. Raekwon outsold Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 and they came out the same day. He broke an iTunes record. Today, Raekwon may have sold over 400,000 units independently. We had Puff Daddy, every Wu Tang member, Ice-T and Coco. Police were on horses trying to dismantle all the people that couldn’t get into the venue. The world knew that something major had just been released. I wound up doing French Montana’s album role out, I did Kendrick Lamar, Machine Gun Kelly etc… I create roll outs for different people and none of these roll outs are the same. It starts in the street and then it ends online. It was Mobb Deep that allowed me to be that conduit for them, I came up with Mobb Deep. I promise you that every day people ask me if I am Littles from Mobb Deep, no matter where I go.

MusicalFury – How did you end up parting ways with Mobb Deep?

Littles – Um, well, it was just time. It was just time for me to move on with what I needed to be doing. It was also time for them to move on to a different label. They went from Jive Records to G-Unit. At the end of the day, no matter the musician we are all human beings. We are all moody, we all see things different. Even some of the best groups have broken up, you are dealing with multiple people, some want more and some are stuck in their ways, we are all unique. Mobb Deep wanted to evolve and move on. It was just a bunch of internal stuff that made no sense at all, looking back at it. It allowed us to go a different way but we are still cool. They will always be my brothers.

MusicalFury – What were some of the wildest things that you experienced with Mobb Deep on tour or just hanging around them? Sometimes fans get a little excited and can’t help themselves…

Littles – I mean I have seen it all man, really. I have seen from the fights where fans jump on stage and then it turns into something else. One thing is, when a fan pays $30 or $40 to come see you, they are coming to see you. Sometimes you have to protect yourself though because look at Versace or John Lennon. You can never be too safe in your surroundings. If a fan is jumping on stage, sometimes you have to throw fans off stage by their underwear into the crowds. You sometimes have instances where you fighting other groups in the clubs. As far as the groupies go, they are fans as well. Being on the road 5 or 6 months straight, every day in a different city… We were out 2 or 3 months gone every single day in a different city. A lot of crazy things go on when you are out on tour. Sometimes you can get put into situations that you

MusicalFury – You had great projects like the Feeding, Reloaded and all the other mixtapes/DVDs that you put out. But, it seems that you may prefer being a behind the scenes guy? I am referring to your management work and directing music videos and things like that.

Littles – That’s true, I swear to you. I have a partner her name is Emily, she is Irish, if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have a Twitter or Instagram. I am really sort of a big behind the scenes guy. I don’t know maybe it comes from my upbringing, I am really from the streets. You have people that portray to be street this or that but I am really a don in Queensbridge. When I was 15 or 16 years old I was driving luxury cars, when you are raised in the projects, in the hood you don’t know anything else. I am on my 3rd passport and now I have seen so much of the world. I look back at my friends and they are so stuck in the web and never want to get out. They are comfortable where they are and have good jobs. Many are dead and others are in jail but the ones with good jobs are paying $1,900 to live in the projects. To me, when we came up, I felt like what we were doing was alright. I didn’t understand that there was another way of living until I went away for a long stretch. You meet people with different ethnicities and mingling with people who have mindsets that are much different than yours. I have learned a whole different culture and now I am at their dinner table and seeing how they are living. Through learning you realize that how you came up wasn’t really what the American Dream is all about. Life shouldn’t be that type of picture. When I was in the rap game I wasn’t looking to get famous because we already were. Even being a behind the scenes guy I am the man behind the scenes.

MusicalFury – You are also involved in film production too, right? Can you tell me a bit about some of the films you were involved with?

Littles – Yea, we do film production. On the film production side I kind of slowed down but I own cameras, lights, dollies and cranes. I slowed down a bit because everyone has purchased their own stuff and you also have rappers that want to edit their own videos these days. The money isn’t the same as it used to be. i have over a hundred music videos. Teasers from some of the most major shows that are on TV now I could have been a part of it. I also went to film school for two years and I wanted to learn the trade first. That is when the money was good, that is before it crashed. You could get a $20K budget to shoot someones EPK. Whenever I do something I research how to really do it. I am not going to walk into a hospital and pretend I am a doctor, you have to really master the craft. A lot of people like Memphis, he used to run Jive, people like him have been very influential in my rise with film and the online life. Memphis signed people like T Pain, UGK, etc… Another guy Mel Carter, he is another behind the scenes guy. I have a lot of friendships and relationships that are not going to allow a guy like me to go hungry. You have to be able to fulfill the shoes that they need to be able to cut the check. I am one of the pioneers of hip hop DVD’s. I used to get them into Walmart, Target and these major chains.

MusicalFury – You seem to know a lot of people in the industry, can you elaborate a little bit on your business venture with Santos Party House?

Littles – I have had a few with them. As far as Raekwon I expressed that but I have been doing stuff like that for a long time. I have been doing concerts and events for a long time like the New Big East, all devoted to hip hop. With Raekwon’s we did a purple carpet instead of a red carpet because of the purple tape. Even last year in NY I did the Freshman Edition. I brought one freshman from each city in. I had Fetty Wap, OT Genesis, Chinx God rest his sould, Yo Gotti etc… It was crazy. Even after that I did the vets verse the rookies. All the new artists coming up in New York vs vets.

MusicalFury – How did you get involved with Maino and Uncle Murda with the New Big East?

Littles – Maino is like my brother, we have a brotherhood. Those guys are from the streets as well and we just clicked. We met many years ago and to this day Maino and I get a lot of money together.

MusicalFury – I heard you on the new track Certified for the Queensbridge United project. That was a unique flow you had on that track and I kind of liked it. How involved are you in that project?

Littles – Um, not much involved. I had Challace asking me to jump on different records. I am 30 deep on a new record that I am trying to do. He sent me a track that Sha Money XL was doing. As soon as I heard the beat I immediately penned it. I did it like right on the spot. She Money XL was actually mixing the records as I was recording it. I am not really involved in the project at all.

MusicalFury – Tell me about your new project.

Littles – The new project is like fine wine. I have a lot to say and a lot to talk about. I traveled and moved around for sometime before getting back to the pen. The content and the subject matter is diverse. It is hard to have a lot of subject matter in a game where everyone is talking about the same shit. I have also revitalized my flow as well. I have joints that my old fan base will respect and then I also have this revitalized sort of now flow that I have built and branded with some of the new records I have been working on. I do have a title but I can’t even say it yet. The sneaker company converse has been very influential in me putting out this project. They have been very supportive and allowing me to use their multi-million dollar studios. The quality is really high on this one and you will definitely like it.

MusicalFury – You and Tragedy used to make a lot of music back in the day and I think there was even a rumor about you both making an album together. Could something like that still have potential in 2016/17?

Littles – Anything is possible, Tragedy is another brother of mine. I haven’t talked to him as much lately but I am trying to get Trag on this new project before it is complete. I think it is timing, everything has to do with timing and anything is about to spark but right now it is about this littles album.

MusicalFury – I ask everyone this because it is important to me personally and I am compelled to ask hip hop artists. Are you religious, what are your thoughts on God and an afterlife?

Littles – Sheesh well, you know I don’t go to church much but I definitely believe there is a higher power, that is for sure. For me, people can say they don’t believe this or believe that but as soon as they are put in a jam I guarantee you that they are praying asking to get them past something. People who are toughest of the tough are praying and asking for help. There have been times that I do pray and I am definitely blessed. I am very fortunate to have everything I have and all of my friends are dead or in jail. I do not have many that I can sit with and have a conversation with. My religious beliefs are strong and I challenge any of the toughest gangstas and I am loved by some of the most gangstas in the world. I said it in the new records certified, the streets mess with me big time.

MusicalFury – Thank you for your time I hope you continue to be successful.

Littles – I appreciate that, thank you.

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