Juxx Diamondz Interview

Juxx Diamondz Interview

I met up with one of Brooklyn’s finest to get an idea on what he has been working on lately. Juxx Diamondz fills us in on my it is not hard to stay out of the shadows of Brooklyn Giants like Jay-Z and Notorious BIG and how he differentiates himself from a lot of rappers. Not only does he write his own music but he also A&R’s his own music and is a businessman. When you think of the likes of Troy Ave and Joey Badass you will begin to also think about Juxx Diamondz, he is on the come up.

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Juxx Diamondz

MusicalFury – Hey Juxx, how are you?

Juxx Diamondz – Everything is gracious.

MusicalFury – How long have you been a recording artist?

Juxx Diamondz – I have been a recording artist since the age of 14.

MusicalFury – Is Juxx Season your first official album release?

Juxx Diamondz – Yes, I had mix tapes before that but Juxx Season was my first project that I took my time with. A&R’d it myself with my engineer. It came out on Back Block which is my company.

MusicalFury – What were you doing before you got into making music?

Juxx Diamondz – I was a badass kid from the streets of Brownsville Brookly, music has been in my life for the longest.

MusicalFury – I enjoyed the songs Dream of Mine and My Stuper X Wife. You seem to be expressing some of your personal issues through music, have you recently gone through a divorce?

Juxx Diamondz – Yea, actually yea. Thank God for that, I have my girlfriend now that I am so thankful to have. But, really glad to get out of that relationship. Dream of Mine was produced by Audio Narcos and My Stuper X Wife was produced by Greeviamiin.

MusicalFury – Do you find music to be a a therapeutic release for you?

Juxx Diamondz – Yea, usually. Sometimes if I am angry it does help but I just love music period, writing producing the whole shabang.

MusicalFury – Brooklyn has a rich history in hip hop with some of the biggest legends like Jay-Z and Notorious BIG, do you find it somewhat hard to differentiate yourself from others sometimes?

Juxx Diamondz – No not at all. As far as me, I stay in my own lane and do what I do. I also produce, a lot of artists are not producing and engineering their own music. I am in my own lane.

MusicalFury – As an artist who has the opportunity to influence others, do you ever get compelled to write songs that are insightful and educational ilke Tupac’s Brenda’s Got a Baby?

Juxx Diamondz – Um, the stuff that I write is not educational but it gives insight to the type of life that I grew up in. You know, I grew up in the projects with the pissy elevators, gunshots outside etc.. I am still a young guy but an OG right now. I have a mixture you know? I salute any artist out there trying to do their thing. What happened to the music where KRS One had the teachings and Nas spitting that lyrical content. All you hear about now is drugs, sex and money. Don’t dumb it down.

MusicalFury – Are you interested in collaborating with any of the up and coming artists out of Brooklyn as of lately like Troy Ave, Joey Badass, Tai Hustle or Bobby Schmurda to name a few?

Juxx Diamondz – Let me just say this, I like the boy Joey Badass and his pro era crew, like CJ fly. Troy Ave I like too. But I am always down to collar with anyone and a lot of people were open to collar with me. Any other artist that wants to rock out.

MusicalFury – What goals are you trying to shoot for within the next year or two as far as your music?

Juxx Diamondz – Just basically getting my foot all the way in the door. Right now I have my foot half way in. Getting my artists on and getting my company established. I also have my artist concrete. Also want to get into acting and modeling and pushing some beats.

MusicalFury – If you end up signing a deal and make it to the big leagues, do you have any interest in giving back to the community?

Juxx Diamondz – Yes, I want to give back. Right now my community is looking real bad, I would put money toward fixing up the buildings and toward the schools because they really need it.

MusicalFury – What are you currently working on, are you planning on releasing any projects this summer?

Juxx Diamondz – I have something in the wraps this summer, I can’t let it out the bag. It will be a pop up surprise with me and my man DJ homicide. I am also working on my EP called Lord Knows and have a single on iTunes now called my entrance.

MusicalFury – I believe in God and I like to hear about other’s thoughts on religious beliefs. Do you care to speak on what your beliefs are?

Juxx Diamondz – Of course, I wouldn’t have this talent of gift if it wasn’t for this man above. I thank him everyday for waking me and blessing me and allowing me to see another day.

MusicalFury – Thank you for your time.

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