Godfather (Infamous Mobb) Interview

Godfather (Infamous Mobb) Interview

I recently had the chance to catch up with Godfather from the Infamous Mobb crew. You first heard Godfather from Mobb Deeps early classics and then when they released their first group project Special Edition along with Ty Nitty and Twin Gambino. Not to mention they also had a track on the highly praised QB’s Finest album. It was an exciting time when Infamous Mobb first dropped because Queensbridge was definitely ruling hip hop for a time there.

MusicalFury – What have you been up to lately?

Godfather – Studio working, touring Europe and South America.

MusicalFury – One thing I am sure the fans would like to know is will there be another Infamous Mobb album?

Godfather – Yes, there will be we are in the studio now working on it as we speak.

MusicalFury – There were rumors that you guys had split at one time, is that resolved?

Godfather – Yes, we did split up for a second. We never gonna chill forever because we always friends but we took a little chill pill on the music to do some separate things.

MusicalFury – What are your goals for 2015 music wise?

Godfather – Get my record label off the ground Outi Music Group, have a few people on the list and it is national. It isn’t going to only be rap. I have been traveling around trying to figure it all out and seek out talent.

MusicalFury – What projects are you currently working on? Are you still doing music with Flame Killer in the group Blaq Mobb?

Godfather – We got the Infamous Mobb Album, I just put out a mixtape, did an album with M7 called chemical imbalance and my solo album that is a double disc called Mobb Life.

MusicalFury – When can we expect these?

Godfather – I am trying to drop my album beginning of the year in March.

MusicalFury – How did you get your rap name Godfather?

Godfather – I am the oldest of the crew you know running around doing my thing. Hanging out with the older guys too you know what I mean? They called me triple L because I have three L’s in my real name. That is how they got Godfather part 3.

MusicalFury – I don’t know specifics but I hear there is a QB’s Finest part 2 in the works, are you a part of that?

Godfather – I didn’t hear about it yet you know what I am saying but I am here though man. It is what it is.

MusicalFury – Everyone is always speculating on the unity in QB and in NYC in general. What is your take on that because sometimes I feel there is quite a bit of unity in certain ways?

Godfather – I think there should be more unity you know what I am saying, I don’t think there is enough. There is a lot of behind the table shit going on not letting people into certain situations. As far as community rap it should be a lot more tight.

MusicalFury – You came out as Mobb Deep’s crew and I remember when the first Infamous Mobb album came out, that was an exciting time. How is your relationship with both Havoc and Prodigy today?

Godfather – I was with Havoc just yesterday in the studio along with Alchemist. That is one of my brothers man we are infamous for life.

MusicalFury – Where do you see yourself in hip hop in 5 years?

Godfather – I see me executive producing a whole bunch of albums and different projects. I see myself promoting, I am a national promoter booking shows and trying to eventually move to Europe.

MusicalFury – What are your thoughts on the latest Ferguson and Staten Island cases where police officers were not charged after killing black males who were unarmed?

Godfather – I can’t breathe… Straight like that. It is unjust you know what I mean, it is going to be a serious situation if this doesn’t stop. We had the million man march and it is going on everywhere. In other countries if some crazy shit goes on with the police or government they turn the whole community out. Cases keep popping up all over and just happened in Hollywood a few weeks ago.

MusicalFury – It is a very unfortunate series of events and I hope that it doesn’t continue to add more fuel to the fire with racism. I hope that things can settle down a bit and be peaceful but I can understand concern since it seems to happen quite a bit. What are your spiritual beliefs, are you religious?

Godfather – I believe in me man. God want everyone to believe in their self before anything. He created us all, I believe in a higher power. The main reason people are at war now is because of religion.

MusicalFury – Thanks for your time, appreciate it!

Godfather – I got that mixtape out right now Gods and Kings. Chemical imbalance, Calico muzik working with White roiheenok artist from Quebec coming out and look out for the Infamous Mobb.


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