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Ali Vegas – Masterpiece

Ali Vegas is a guy that hasn’t aged much but has been in the game for a good minute. He has released some critically acclaimed albums that received some notoriety but he never quite blew up such as the likes of Nas or Jay-Z. But then again, there is a
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Raekwon, AZ + Prodigy – Save Them

New track from three of the nicest lyricists of all time which is AZ, Raekwon and Prodigy. These guys were literally three of the best MC’s back in the 90′s and are still carrying the torch. Raekwon just released a new album as well that has a lot of really
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Casanova – Stay Safe Tho

NYC rappers are becoming popular again, it seems everyone is coming to the realization that some of the best hip hop music that was ever created came out of New York. It is not an opinion, it is fact. A new comer in NY is a guy named Casanova who
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