The Music Industry’s Darkside…

The Music Industry’s Darkside…

There have been stories for years about the entertainment business being a little bit suspect. How there may be certain factions within the hip hop entertainment business that has ritualistic tendencies that are close to how people perceive the Illuminati. I really hope this is not the case but there are many rumblings that there are certain people in positions of power who make the industry a place that you may not want to be.

Rappers have spoken out about certain events that are tainting the hip hop industry such as Fat Joe and Ali Vegas, among others.
Check out these videos that showcase some of the events. If you ask me, this may be part of the reason that the mainstream hip hop has taken such a U turn from being focused on lyrics to now being centered around wacky clothes and questionable lyrics that don’t even make sense.

I have absolutely zero hatred for anyone based on their personal preferences. But, if certain events have been tainting the industry and creating a lack of skill being needed to become successful in the business that is a problem. If people are not succumbing to certain pressures or influences, then that is certainly a problem. What is going on?

Kevin Hart goes in on P Diddy in this clip. Why does P Daddy have to constantly say Pause or No Homo?

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