Illa Ghee – Bullet And A Bracelet

Illa Ghee – Bullet And A Bracelet

I have been wanting to review this album for a while and finally got the chance. Illa Ghee is one of the nicest MC’s out of Brooklyn right now. He has a nice delivery and very versatile with his flows. I feel like he rides beats very well and mangles them with his witty wordplay. This album, Bullet And A Bracelet, really is a great album all the way through.

This album is full of great tracks giving you a total of about 17 tracks worth of music. There are 20 total but a few of them are interludes. This goes back to the golden era when guys like Wu Tang and Biggie would give you a whole lot of tracks on one album, sometimes a double album. I am not going to go track by track but this album is basically a 8.5 out of 10. Not a flawless album but it really is a great album all the way through.

Some of the real stand out tracks are Walk with a Shotgun Featuring Prodigy, Yeah It’s Me (What’s Up?), Bullet and a Bracelet, For the Visual and Breathe. Check out the music video for Bullet and a Bracelet below:

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