Mysonne = Animal MC

Mysonne = Animal MC

I have been saying this for years that Mysonne should be one of the next guys to blow up big league. He is an incredible lyricist and it seems like he can go on for days. He is also one of those rappers who does not try to glorify the same negative stuff on every track. He tries to enlighten you and make you think about what he is saying. If you haven’t seen his latest freestyle on Funk Flex, check it out right now.

A new mixtape is coming very soon too, from what I hear. Definition of a G Pt. 3. I always make sure to check out every mixtape Mysonne drops because it is quality music.

JAY-Z or 50 Cent need to listen to this and sign him to Roc Nation or G-Unit or something. It is a mystery how he is not signed on a major yet.

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