New Rapper Token Has Talent

New Rapper Token Has Talent

This new rapper Token that I just stumbled upon is actually really talented. He has the ability to rhyme like crazy and he also seems to have the personality to be a star as well. I think this kid is going to be a star in the near future, he has the skill and is marketable.

Check out his freestyle on Sway in the Morning. People are obviously going to compare him to Eminem because he is white and he can actually rap. Eminem is a great rapper but he has been slowing down lately in his older age. There is plenty of room for a very energetic white kid who can rap his tail off.

This kid appears to only be 17 years old and his performance on the radio was strong enough to make one of the hosts cry. He has a new album out that is available on his website for free, check it out here.

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