Casanova Interview on Hot 97

Casanova Interview on Hot 97

Casanova is an up and coming artist from Brooklyn who has the ability to change his life around, from what I hear in the interview. It appears he came from a background of doing some not so good things and had to serve time. I hope that he makes something happen with this opportunity of becoming a rapper. He seems like a level headed guy and I hope he begins setting a good example for others.

I love hip hop music but as I get older, especially with kids, it makes me harder to promote music that is too negative. Sometimes the negative music is fine when it is only for entertainment purposes but you also need to be versatile. Not every song should be negative, look at guys like Rakim that could rap about anything and make it sound good. Set a good example, feel good about yourself because it feels good to do good.

Keep in mind, he made one song that is generating all this buzz. I think he also had a bit of help getting his name out there from a peer who was dropping his name on his podcast.

Check out the interview below:

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