Jim Jones Signs to Roc Nation

Jim Jones Signs to Roc Nation

It has always come off that Jim Jones was a really hard grinder. He is a hard working guy who started out as a member of Camron’s Dipset group to a front man. He made a large clap with the hit single Ballin and made a name for himself. I am uncertain what he has been doing in between from now and the last album but he seems to still be heavily involved with the music industry.

You have to congratulate him for signing to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. He and Jay-Z may not have been on best terms back in the day but now they are smart business men trying to push forward a new movement in NY. I believe Fat Joe has also either signed or has some affiliation with Roc Nation as well. My suggestion to Jay-Z, or whoever is seeking talent for the business, is that they need to also find some fresh new artists out of NY to keep that sound alive.

I think Jay-Z is taking a page out of the 50 Cent book by signing an already established NY artist. 50 recently signed Uncle M to G-Unit records. I think that was a smart move on 50′s behalf because he sees potential there. Uncle M and Maino had a hot mixtape out together and then Uncle M just had that 2016 Rap Up song. A couple of guys that have been grinding super hard our of NY are Mysonne and Illa Ghee. These guys deserve to get signed to a major label and get their music out to a larger audience.

Check out this clip of Jim Jones on Funkmaster Flex’s show. He gets a little emotional and sheds a single tear talking about the Diplomats. It would be great for the Diplomats to just swallow their pride and get back together.

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