Raekwon – This is What it Comes Too

Raekwon – This is What it Comes Too

This is a brand new Raekwon music video for This is What it Comes Too, a single from his new album Into the Wild. Raekwon is a veteran of hip hop who has never sold out and never gotten boring. Raekwon is part of the reason why I even started to love hip hop music. His style and his flow are on another level to me.

Raekwon the Chef is part of a legendary hip hop group Wu Tang who shocked the world with their martial arts inspired hip hop. The group was new and unique at the they first dropped which really allowed them to stand out from the others. That wasn’t that easy to do back then either because there was fierce competition. I always appreciate a new Raekwon album but I do think there should be a third installment to the Only Build 4 Cuban Linx saga. His new album Into the Wild that relases in March will be his seventh solo album.

Finally, some good music I can write about. Check out this vintage Raekwon track below:

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