Baby Sham from Flipmode Squad

Baby Sham from Flipmode Squad

Has anyone ever wondered why certain artists never blew up the way you thought they could? I have wondered that many times and a lot of underground guys in the mid to late 90′s always had great music but never seemed to reach the levels that I anticipated. Cormega was one of those guys but he did end up getting quite a bit of recognition with his first official release, The Realness. I think he won independent artist of the year or something because he sold over 100,000 units independently. That was a big accomplishment because not many artists were even doing the independent thing.

Another rap artist that I expected to blow up was Baby Sham. He was never really in the spotlight but Busta Rhymes recognized his talent and signed him to Flipmode Squad. I understand he was on a lot of features and things like that but they were talking about a Baby Sham solo album and that never happened. It makes you scratch your head and wonder why certain artists just don’t make it. Is it the timing, the work ethic, the confidence of the machine behind the artist? I bet 9 times out of 10 it is the record companies making big mistakes trying to predict the market.

Did anyone realize that Baby Sham actually did have a music video? I didn’t so that is why I thought it was really interesting when I stumbled upon new bounce.

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