50 Cent Signs Uncle M to G-Unit

50 Cent Signs Uncle M to G-Unit

Uncle M has been around for quite a while and his popularity has grown over the years. It appears that 50 Cent just signed Uncle M to G-Unit. Kind of a surprise to me because G-Unit hasn’t really been releasing records like they used to but nonetheless, good news. One thing that 50 Cent has to do is make sure he also puts out a new solo album for Lloyd Banks because Banks is one of the best rappers out right now.

Uncle M also just released a really good single called Rap Up 2016. He uses a beat that Tragedy Khadafi first made popular many years ago back in the Intelligent Hoodlum days.

I think the rapper turned record executives are starting to understand that the wave has crashed for the nerdy rap and has come back around to the lyrics and hard hitting beats. Look at Jay-Z understanding that it is a good idea to sign the Lox to Roc Nation. 50 just signed Uncle M, so what is next? Maybe Diddy goes and signs DMX? Maybe 50 needs to sign a bunch of NYers to G-Unit and start off 2017 right.

Disclaimer*** I have to mention that I do not agree with ignorant lyrics that are against the police. The police are risking their lives every day and have to deal with a lot of stress on a daily basis. Much respect to all police officers out there. This is just music, this is just entertainment but I absolutely do not agree with senseless violence or ignorant comments.

Uncle M – Rap Up 2016

Tragedy Khdafi (AKA Intelligent Hoodlum) – Grand Groove Remix

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