Tragedy Khadafi – T.M.

Tragedy Khadafi – T.M.

Tragedy Khadafi releases a music video for one of his classic songs T.M. (A Message to Killa Black). This is off Tragedy’s Against All Odds album which is a classic hip hop album for you who may have never heard it. Tragedy is a true poet, an MC that has been rhyming since a young kid. This song is very slow paced but has a strong feeling when you listen to it.

In this interview with Doggie Diamonds Tragedy reveals that he is actually blood cousins with Ghostface Killah. I knew this for a while but I was always amazed that two of my favorite rappers were actually family. I hear Ghostface is leading the next Wu Tang Clan project and it would be epic to slip Tragedy onto one of those tracks with Rae and Ghost.

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