Ghostface Killah – Bulletproof Wallets

Ghostface Killah – Bulletproof Wallets

Ghostface Killah is an artist that it is probably safe to say he is in every single hip hop fan’s top 10, at least. Ghostface is one of those guys that just impresses the hell out of you with his energy on tracks and way to sound almost surreal. Ghostface also has a very large catalog of music from group albums to solo albums but his first three albums are my favorite; Ironman, Supreme Clientele and Bulletproof Wallets.

The album dropped in 2001 and was still a time period in hip hop where there was still a lot of great music coming out. I think this is right around the time when music started going south though and Bulletproof Wallets did not get the proper credit that it deserves. This album is incredible from start to finish. There are a variety of tracks and they don’t sound the same but the beats and lyrics go together well.

Maxine is the first song on the album and right away Ghost hits you with that vintage sound, he is one of the great story teller MC’s. His imagination on a track is what really makes you say wow though. The track features Raekwon and these two are two of the greatest duos in hip hop. There is actually a point in the track where I almost didn’t realize when Raekwon started and Ghost ended, they compliment each other very well. I love the fact also that he is having a crazy conversation with characters that he created in his mind, wild.

Who else in this world could spit these bars and make them sound good? Classic…

Maxine dark skinned and bald headed bitch mean
Pam’s right hand, together they’re the coldest fiends
Aww shit, guess who arrived at the door
It’s Mooney the supplier who showed up at the door
“Bitch open the door!” “Maxine, he gon’ kill me!”
“Chill, I got a friend cop.” “Girl, you don’t know his beef!”
Three long kicks the hinges flew off
Kids screaming, the heavy face slap blew Maxine head off
It’s on in the crib, “You wrong for what you did
You gon’ pay Pam, fuck that boo, kiss your kids
Y’all get the fuck in the room.”"Fuck you, you ain’t our real Daddy!”

The thing about this album is that it isn’t as dark as Ironman but it has the right balance of party music and ego trippin. The next track Flowers, you have Method Man and Superb joining Rae and Ghost. Ghost’s verse on this track is well thought out and animated as is the rest of the album. Interweaved throughout the album are a couple of slow jams & love stories with a bunch of really animated gangster tales.

Strawberry is an interesting track, Killa Sin from Killarmy has a nice verse, he is one of the slickest rhymers out of all the Wu Killa Beez. Ghost then sprinkles his flavor with a story about one of his sexual escapades. This is another verse where I can’t really imagine too many other rappers spitting without it sounding really crazy. DJ Mathematics did the beat for this one.

The Forest is a really cool track where Ghost rhymes about a “wonderland” filled with stories of thugged out fairy tale characters. The wicked witch was clappin at school, Woody got bagged, Ricochet Rabbit had a bad drug habit, Droopy turned Muslim after he got knocked, Bugs sniffin, Daffy Duck snitchin, poor Shaggy got murdered, Wilma got it on with Johnny Bravo and so on. I can listen to this track over and over and it is still funny to me.

The production on the album worked well, RZA did four beats, Alchemist did 3 and then the rest were one offs by other producers. Overall the album gets rated very high in my book because it stands the test of time. I can stop listening to the album for a few years and then once I hear it again I love it just as much. I wanted to write a review about this album because it was just a matter of throwing it on and getting inspired by it again years later. The nostalgia of such a great album really adds to the enjoyment as well.

If you haven’t heard this album yet, then get out of whatever rock you have been stuck under and purchase it on iTunes. Ghost is one of the rawest MC’s there are and you will enjoy the whole album from start to finish. I respect artists that do the part 2 and 3 of albums because if there is a sound that works, why change it or not give the people what they want. When I heard that a sequel to Supreme Clientele was coming out I couldn’t have been more excited.

I wish they had done a music video for Maxine and The Hilton but here is the radio record that they did a music video for, Never Be the Same Again.

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